Elev8 gives their own twist on a conventional Pilates class by using a variety of different machines. The result is that you will feel the burn while remaining entertained.

Among the different machines are the reformer, tower, and their own machine, an encompass. During a class, you’ll be moving from one side of the studio to the next, using these machines in sections and with props, similar to how you would in any other cross-training session. All of the machines are implemented to target those tiny muscle groups to help deliver benefits regardless of your goals, whether they be general wellness, maintenance, or injury prevention. The result is a high energy class for those looking for a more intense workout.

Founder Simon Silva has 20 years of classic dance experience. He explains that when he was injured, Pilates became his rehabilitation. Having later recovered, Pilates became his cross-training to avoid any future injury.

“It is an easy transition from dance to Pilates,” says Silva. “It’s dance, but laying down and with springs.”

With a playlist that will have you smiling, Silva and his warm staff will remain at a safe distance to guide you from one move to the next should you find yourself frozen in place after hearing your instructions.


“I worked as a full-time Pilates instructor in various studios before having my own,” states Silva. This allowed him the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

Although you may have tried Pilates before, each studio can vary greatly in exactly what equipment is used and how. Silva has condensed all of the best for your workout with one common thread – all movements are about slow and strong control. This makes it easy to catch on and jump into the zone.

And what a sweet zone it is! Located on Ponce de Leon, this location is exactly what would come to mind when you think ’boutique studio’. You’ll want to arrive with time to spare for parking, which is metered, and traffic, which we know all too well is always a factor. Once inside, staff will orient you as to where you can drop your things and how to set up for your workout.  From there, let the gorgeous space, the equipment, and props at Elev8 motivate you in keeping all your wellness goals in 2020!