Energy Endurance Lab, the first studio here in Miami dedicated to helping fellow triathletes train, is opening their doors later this month.

Specializing in a total wellness approach, Energy Endurance Lab helps triathletes prepare for their upcoming swimming, running and cycling races.

But who’s responsible for this awesome initiative? Meet the couple: Meghan and Ari Weinstein, triathletes and USA Triathlon Level II Endurance Coaches.

Their personal experience, studies and passion for this disciple has allowed them to create a studio with an educational vibe to help other athletes be successful in their races.

In other words: they have turned their passion into their work, and as Meghan quoted from Michael Phelps, “You can´t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”

The Midtown Miami studio location is a cool and hip space that sports smart trainers, a roller for more experienced and elite riders, treadmills and a recovery area with the latest Normatech technology.

The couple believes that the training approach should be as complete as possible, so a swimming analysis will be provided to improve your techniques. Swim classes, VO2 testing and lactate testing will be on the training menu for those looking to cut down their time in the water.

But things don´t stop there: you will be able to bring your own bike (because we all know there is nothing like training with your own gear) which you can clip on one of the smart trainers and simulate the actual race you are training for.

In addition to the services they provide, Energy Endurance Lab has partnered up with local bike shops, iRun for shoes and will provide access to wheels and other parts that you may need for your bike.

The Energy Endurance Lab doors will open July 22nd with training sessions held by appointment only. Group classes (up to six) or one-on-one training sessions are welcome per your preference.

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