A bright orange studio tucked behind Brickell City Center sends a powerful message to its members: Train EPIC, Sweat EPIC, Live EPIC, and Be EPIC.

EPIC Hybrid Training is a circuit-style fitness program that incorporates strength training and cardio into each and every workout. Classes vary not only on the focus muscle groups or types of exercises, but also in the amount of time spent at each station.

Owner and trainer of EPIC Hybrid Training, Karlee Whipple, explains that some classes like “The Grynd,” are more endurance based, while others like “The Blast,” deliver a workout that is similar to tabata.

Every month the exercises performed change across all classes. I went on a Wednesday, to the “Dynamic Core” class.

Inside the gym under a glow of orange lights monkey bars, rings, and ropes hang from the ceiling. Pull-up bars line the outside wall, and the studio floor is set up into stations; with kettle bells, slam balls, and resistance bands.

Class goers enter the studio and take off their shoes before heading to the mat for class. Unique to Epic is that the workouts are done without shoes; socks are ok for those who prefer to go barefoot.

A TV in the studio displays the schedule for our class and the exercises that would be performed at each station. All classes at EPIC begin with a warm-up and end with a cool-down. For this particular class, the workout consisted of four rounds. Each exercise was performed for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest to transition to the next exercise.

The warm-up begins, and trainer Jil Deviscour tells us to begin jogging across the studio wall-to-wall.  She shouts out different exercises for us to do once we reach one of the studio walls such as squats, burpees, or push-ups.

After the warm-up a break is given to demo each of the exercise. The Dynamic Core class consisted of: JGXT Kneeling Rollout, Plank Jacks, Resistance Band Mantis Get Up, Wall L-Hold Leg Raise, Atomic Sit-ups, ABC Medball Planks, Power Wheel Hamstring Curl/Bridge, Wall Ball Skater Hops.

Not familiar with some of these moves? I wasn’t either, but what makes EPIC Hybrid Training a workout for everyone is the amount of time spent demonstrating each of the exercises.

Workouts at EPIC Hybrid Training are done with partners. Karlee explained that training with a partner adds an extra bit of motivation to push harder; during the workout you and your partner hold each other accountable to complete the class in a supportive way. I found this to be true; having a partner pushed me through the workout as muscle fatigue began to set in during later rounds of the class.

After the fourth and final round the studio lights transitioned to blue signaling it was time for the cool down. Jil took us through a series of yoga poses and stretches.

EPIC Hybrid Training is a studio with true community spirit offering a workout that is challenging and intense, yet fun. It makes sense why the members of EPIC Hybrid Training follow the studio’s motto, to Live EPIC and Be EPIC.

Outside of the studio, members participate in terrain and obstacle races in the South Florida area as Team EPIC Miami.

You can follow the gym and Team EPIC on social media for updates about races and challenges @epichybridtrainingmiami.

Information about class schedules class schedules and membership fees checkout the website visit, https://epichybridtraining.com/locations/miami/.

EPIC is currently offering a new client promotion: 3 classes for $30.