Want to burn some serious calories with varied styles of workouts? Looking for personalized instruction? Like the idea of reaching all your health and fitness goals in under an hour? Then run to F45 Doral. The “F” is for functional exercise and “45” is the duration of each workout.

F45, founded in Australia, has become the fastest growing fitness franchise with locations in 29 countries, including the Sunshine State. It’s no surprise this workout has become wildly popular in the U.S. amongst similarly structured workouts like Barry’s Bootcamp and South Florida’s own Orange Theory Fitness.

With F45 locations opening across the states, it is evident that class goers are seeing the transformation. With challenging total body workouts and complete nutritious meal-plans, F45 Doral is a one-stop-shop for a healthy lifestyle makeover and out-of-the box training for the most advanced gym rats.

What is F45?

F45 Doral is a circuit-style workout using functional exercises at timed intervals to get your heart rate up and tone every muscle. Husband and wife co-owners and head instructors at F45 Doral decided to open the franchise when Amanda was bored with her regular gym routine and couldn’t stay committed to exercise.

The Brazilian Co-Founders – Amanda Silvestre, a nutritionist, and Ivan Pipolo, a fitness enthusiast – researched different training programs and were sold on F45 when no treadmills were involved in setting up the studio.

“It was torture having to spend an hour by myself [on a treadmill],” said Sylvestre. “F45 is a community where people are excited to workout.”

What can you expect?

There are different formats to each circuit class, like the “Foxtrot” class inspired by army training exercises, and “Brooklyn” – a class packing plenty of boxing punches. While “Foxtrot” and “Brooklyn” are more cardio-focused, the “All-Star” and “MKatz” workouts feature more weights and resistance training to build strength.

F45 instructors demo each move on an LCD screen right in front of you before class begins. The screens also show a countdown timer and participants’ heart rate and earned fitness points. Just sync your heart rate monitor to the F45 challenge app.

What is the F45 challenge?

The “F45 Challenge” is an 8-week program designed for weight loss. The results are no joke – two Doral members have dropped over 100lbs combined. The challenge starts with a complete body analysis using InBody to measure fat vs. muscle mass and other biostatistics.  The results are reviewed and analyzed, follow-by an orientation.

Challengers will receive a meal plan complete with recipes and weekly grocery lists and commit to the F45 Doral workouts. The best part is the community support. Share your protein-packed food pics to Instagram with hashtag #f45challenge, compete in class for the most fitness points, and push your limits thanks to the coaches enthusiasm during the workout.

Ready to try it?

F45 welcomes drop-ins and you can schedule a full week trial for just $7. There are tons of commitment-free packages available or sign-up for an annual membership for deep discounts.

Make sure to wear proper cross-training shoes, bring a bottle of water, and definitely have a towel on hand for the puddles of sweat you leave behind. Beginners are welcome.

View the schedule F45 Doral schedule here.