Elite Under Armour Training Facility, Fast Twitch, is no stranger to Stay Fit 305. Earlier this year we named them one of “8 Miami Gyms You Need to Try in 2016,” and added two of their trainers, Luis Rojas and Harold Holness, to our list of “25 Miami Fitness Trainers You Need to Follow in 2016.” Well today, Fast Twitch announced the launch of their FTfive Performance Classes, which are rooted in five specific areas of focus – mobility, strength, movement, power and conditioning.

First, clients go in for Fast Twitch’s assessment and goal setting session. After goals are agreed upon, the Fast Twitch trainers prescribe the perfect blend of necessary classes that will help the client reach their performance goal. Some clients may require more mobility, while others may need more strength and speed. The program is customized to each client’s body and goals, so it’s not a one size fits all approach. Fast Twitch trainers will then be at the ready to guide each client through their own customized FTfive Performance program, advising and providing necessary feedback.

Below is the initial schedule of the FTfive Performance Classes. As the program progresses, more options will be rolled out. For more information, visit www.fasttwitch.training.