Fresh off the announcement of Fast Twitch’s announcement of expansion into Broward county via a partnership with DS Sports Plex in Deerfield, Fast Twitch has announced another expansion, this time with Miami-Dade based Elite U.

Fast Twitch was founded on a commitment to high-level customized training. The facility’s layout, staff education, and training methodology are all based on a 1-on-1 or small group training experience. Understanding the value that individualization and customization provides to clients, Fast Twitch sees the benefits provided by group training and has been working on developing an innovative large group/team concept based on structure and competition.

Elite U has spent the last seven years working with athletes and fitness clientele in both the individual and group settings out of their unique indoor/outdoor facility in Coconut Grove. for the past seven years working After one meeting between the leadership of both facilities, it was obvious there was synergy and both companies have spent the past few months unifying their visions and finalizing the new group concept. This process has involved redesigning the facility, ordering new equipment, and retraining the staff.

Fast Twitch

On November 14th, “Elite U Powered by Fast Twitch” will open and launch the most complete group training concept in South Florida with a redesigned facility, new equipment and new staff training. The facility is located at 3075 SW 28th St, Coconut Grove, FL 33133.

Also noted in the announcement, Fast Twitch has decided to end their relationship with The Chamber.