Located a stones throw away from the Coconut Grove Metro Rail station is Elite U Sports Academy, one of the top sports performance training centers for athletes and those looking to achieve optimal fitness.

Elite U is a massive 15,000 ft. facility co-founded by Head Strength and Conditioning Director, Nick Soto. His athletic background includes collegiate level football and martial arts, so you can see why many local amateur and professional athletes train with Nick and his staff at Elite U.

For those not destined for the gridiron, Elite U still has a lot to offer with their signature class, X-TRAIN. Designed to transform your body to the most optimal level of absolute fitness, X-TRAIN combines strength, endurance, fitness, and athleticism into a fully dynamic and rewarding workout. Participants will be challenged with weight training, agility drills, high intensity cardio, plyometrics, and an array of other unconventional and dynamic fitness movements. Whether your goal is to look leaner, build muscle or get rid of the belly fat, X-TRAIN will certainly provide that.

Known for her female body transformations and celebrity training, Vanessa Suarez heads up the popular bootcamp class every Saturday morning. Vanessa takes this female only class through a series of booty building exercises that have participants coming back week after week. Our suggestion is to book this class ahead of time, because it fills up quick.

When Elite U is not running their athletes and members into the ground out back on the turf, they rent is out for recreational use. This field is by far the most comfortable, responsive, and pleasant to play sports in all Miami. The use of the field can be for soccer, football and league rentals.

For more information on Elite U Sports Academy, visit www.eliteufit.com.