IntensityX3 is a group training gym featuring intense workouts that promise to produce great results. Set in a spacious room featuring mirrors and purple lighting, the three class specialties are summarized by Fight, for kickboxing, Flight, representing high intensity interval training, and Lift, representing resistance training.

The all-in-one studio for those with a passion for kickboxing sports a membership that gives you access to both their East and West Boca Raton locations.

Before you jump into class, first-timers are required to take Kickboxing 101 – a quick crash course offered 30 minutes before class to review technique. That is just the beginning of the guidance offered by the attentive trainers.

After you have mastered the 101 class, guests are allowed to move to IntensityX3’s traditional kickboxing classes throughout the week, that also includes a hot kickboxing class.

HIIT Box, a combination of kickboxing and a conditioning bootcamp, is a member-favorite class. The first half of class is kickboxing on the heavy bag, before transitioning to a “gloves off” format, featuring resistance and HIIT training.

IntensityX3 also features “hybrid classes” with a special focus on legs, arms, and core. Our favorite part was working out barefoot, allowing for better grip and control.

If you are looking to mix up your routine, the workouts at IntensityX3 offer lots of energy and variety. The studio is very community driven and members build each other up as they work to get to earn points and move to the next level. Members earn points based on the number of classes they take, and the ultimate goal is working your way up to the highest level to earn a pair of golden gloves.

IntensityX3 is running a special one-week trial. Get seven days of unlimited classes and free boxing gloves. West Boca is located at 8221 Glades Road and East Boca is located at 500 NE Spanish River Boulevard.

For more information, visit or on Instagram at @intensityx3.