Get to know Roberto Guzman, owner of 7 Fitness personal training and group fitness instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp and Anatomy at 1220 in Miami Beach.

  1. How long have you been training?

I’ve been training at different fitness gyms for 12 years now. I started at Equinox, made my way to David Barton and Flywheel. Now, I have succeeded in building my own personal training company called 7 Fitness.

It has taken a long time and a lot of hard work to get to this point. But it is the best feeling dedicating my time to training my 7 Fitness clients at SHIFT (Sunset Harbor Innovative Fitness Training), teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp and Anatomy at 1220 and riding my bike to work every day!

  1. What are the most common mistakes you see in group fitness and how would you fix them?

By far the most common mistake is looking in the mirror too much. The cue I would use to fix it is to tuck the chin in. The momentum of certain moves, like kettlebell swings, makes it really unhealthy on the neck if you aren’t properly aligned. It’s difficult, though. There’s really no easy fix.

I’ve been paying more attention to my posture lately, like noticing how my neck strains when I’m looking down at my phone. When I notice it, I make the adjustment so I’m not straining.

  1. What is your training philosophy?

I really want my clients to gain confidence in themselves. Fitness has changed so much in me that I really want to help other people gain that confidence in what they can do. I challenge my clients at 7 Fitness and in the studios. I am not easy on them, but I am very hands-on and there to support them in reaching their goals.

  1. What are your upcoming goals for your development as a trainer?

I fell in love with kettlebells when I had the opportunity to get certified while I worked at Equinox. I am very excited about an ONNIT kettlebell certification that I am doing at the end of September.

I am also excited to build my knowledge of Animal Flow and work on getting certified in that area as well. I already incorporate these different types of exercises into my client’s programs. With everything in life, we can always learn more and I am excited to grow in my knowledge of these two types of workouts.

  1. How much freedom do you have in designing your group classes and how do you like to design them?

I have a lot of freedom. I like to be creative in designing my classes. I emphasize full body and multi-joint movements. Every class is different. I teach my classes the way I would want them as a student, so I don’t want anyone to be bored. I never teach the same class and I never use the same playlist.

I also incorporate calisthenics and body weight movements. I also schedule time into my group classes for active recovery and mobility work. It’s important, especially when clients are going really hard multiple days a week, to build in active recovery and time for rest. With that being said, the freedom I have in the studios is the same I have training my private clients at 7 Fitness.

Train with Roberto at 7 Fitness at SHIFT, or check out one of his classes at Barry’s Bootcamp or Anatomy at 1220.

You can find him at Anatomy at 1220 teaching Core Assets on Monday and Tuesday, the Gun Show on Monday, and Metabolic Meltdown on Wednesday.

Check him out at Barry’s Bootcamp Miami Beach Monday through Friday.

SHIFT training is also partnering with the Mondrian Hotel to offer a weekly Saturday bootcamp at 9:00am. Each Saturday, Roberto or Tarra Martinez will lead you through a bootcamp that includes bodyweight exercises and resistance training. After your workout, you receive to the Mondrian pool and may purchase a brunch buffet for $25 as well as receive 20% off services at GUYandGIRL Spa.