March 8th is International Women’s Day, and South Florida is full of strong and inspiring women in health and wellness. We reached out to some of these incredible professionals for advice and motivation for our STAY FIT 305 community. Here is what they had to say.

What does being a woman in fitness mean to you?

Regine Santa Maria – Personal Trainer – @bodygoals_re

A positive lifestyle change and hobby that allows me to be an influencer and educator to all the young women and moms out there that feel like their hopes have diminished from reaching their fitness goals.

Mona McCormick – Personal Trainer – @monalisasayed

Being a fit woman is exploring the depths of confidence, challenging yourself and your body to do more everyday while redefining the limits and expectations society puts on women.

Victoria Posner – Master Trainer at Powerhouse Fort Lauderdale – @victoriaposner

It means being powerful, and being powerful means stepping out of your comfort zone, leveling up and being bold enough to be your absolute self. This in turn encourages women to do the same.

Grisell Rodriguez – Founder of Women RUN Wynwood – @womenrunwynwood305

It means showing up, and pushing through, and realizing that the work I put in today will forever have its fruits tomorrow. Within exercise, and fitness I remind myself every day that I am capable of whatever I set my mind to.

Christa Gurka – Founder of Pilates in the Grove – @christagurka

I have the privilege of playing even a small role in helping my clients regain the healthy life they not only desire but deserve. I also get to show my two teenage boys that strength comes in all shapes, sizes and genders.

Lizzy Chiappy – Co-Founder of Casa Vinyasa Miami & Founder of Yogalete Training – @lizzycfitness

To me, being a woman in fitness means I have a great responsibility. A responsibility to empower women to be the best version of themselves and to work past perceived obstacles on their pathway to health no matter what outside noise seems to get in the way. It also means that I have to educate women on the importance of true health and wellness vs just trying to be as skinny or as fit as possible.

Brittany Falzarano – Owner at EightSpace – @eightspace

I love being a woman in fitness because it is an industry that promotes health and wellness – both physical and mental. The goal is to make you feel good, whatever that means.

Erica Groussman – CEO & Co-Founder of TruWomen – @ERICATRUWOMEN

Fitness is living your best life, to feed your body what is good for it. Staying active and feeding it nutrition that makes you happy!

Luanna Singh – Instructor at Rise Nation/Personal Trainer – @bodybylulu

Being a female in a male-dominated industry only makes you stronger. There is a depiction of women in fitness, often stereotyped as spandex wearing eye candy. As the percentage of female fitness professionals increase, we continue to prove that we are leaders and innovators in the industry. Instagram is an incredible motivational platform when used correctly. 60% of my followers are female. I use my social media posts to impact people, not impress people. I am passionate about empowering other women and inspiring them to reach goals they thought were nearly impossible. Most importantly, my position as a role model to my three-year old daughter gives me the daily strength to be an influential woman in fitness.

What do you want to say to the women in the STAY FIT 305 community?

Lia Ames – Owner at Lunchology –

Today is your chance to let your light shine brightly and boldly. Don’t hold back because you’re unsure of your what your talents are. The little voice that tells you “you’re the one” is the only one to listen to. Our community needs your womanly strength!

Amanda Christodoulou – Pilates Body at Anatomy – @pilates_body

Women are beautiful, warrior goddesses. Speak to yourselves as you would speak to your best girlfriend or sister or mother or daughter. Being kind can be one of the most important things we can do for our bodies!

Xuan Thomas – Co-Owner at Legacy Fit Doral – @dxnodaysoff

I want them to all know that there is a strong community base for women to help each other grow and uplift each other. We know how difficult it is living our busiest lives, but never forget about taking care of yourself.

Casey Simmons – Instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp – @caseyssimmons

Strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Rachel Lee Scherdin – Owner of Transition Pilates – @transitionpilates

Now is the time to work together to make the biggest positive impact on people we possible can as a fitness community. Let’s empower one another to be better!

Elisa Miller – Master Instructor at JetSet Miami – @elisa_millerfit

As someone who has been in the fitness and wellness industry for a long time, I think it’s important to remind women how beautiful they are. We should spend more time embracing what makes each of us so unique, rather than worrying about the unrealistic beauty standard the media and society have set for us. Let’s empower other women, support each other, and most importantly strive to keep a healthy and active lifestyle!

Lorraine Haddad – Lifestyle Coach at Women Only Fitness Bootcamp – @lorrainehaddad

Always be true to yourself. Love, be proud, and except everything as a whole. Consistency is the key to achieving all great things. Be patient and strong.

Samantha Stonish – Instructor at Flywheel Sports – @sammi__jay

Don’t argue your worth, state it and be prepared to walk away from things where you aren’t valued – people, jobs, places, situations; anything.