Core Fitness Training (CFT) is the latest gym to open up in Hollywood. Opposite the Diplomat beach resort, CFT is a boutique gym with stellar personal trainers and a variety of hard-core classes to choose from every day.

Owner Dean Statler has worked hard to create a gym where the group training is personal. Statler has purposely limited the class size, allowing for participants to receive more individualized attention during every session.

“I wanted to create a gym that incorporates a variety of HIIT but not with 50 people in a class,” says Statler. “I wanted something more personal where people get the attention they need without having to pay for a personal trainer.”

The mantra at CFT is: “Hard work, works.” This slogan isn’t just for the members; every trainer is as committed as you to maximizing every minute of your workout to help you fulfil your fitness potential.

Core Fitness Training is packed with modern training equipment like sleds, battle ropes, TRX straps, rowing machines, bikes, aqua bags and so much more. This allows guests to work through diverse and dynamic workouts programmed by the training staff.

Classes at Core Fitness Training are different every time but follow a weekly schedule that blends strength, weight and endurance training.

  • Monday: Boot camp style circuits designed to build lean muscle tissue and burn fat.
  • Tuesday: Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high intensity interval training that combines 20 seconds of work, with 10 seconds of rest over a period of time, keeping your metabolism engaged for hours after your workout is complete.
  • Wednesday: ‘Wild Wednesday’ is all about volume, as guests work through a high number of reps and sets this class is definitely mentally challenging.
  • Thursday: Butts and Guts – this class focuses on building firm glutes, legs and blasting your core.
  • Friday: Sum it up – this takes a little bit of everything you’ve done in the week for a full functionally loaded movement class.
  • Saturday: ‘Super Set Saturday’ focuses on building lean muscle by keeping your muscles under tension with SUPER SETS to get stronger.
  • Sunday – ‘Ripped’ is a functional ab class that will focus on working your core whilst keeping your heart rate up!

Thrown into the mix of the weekly schedule is Sunrise Beach Yoga, Boxing, Cycle Shock, Zumba and my personal favorite “Body Shock.” This class is highly recommended; it’s an intense full body, high energy workout with loud hype music and an even louder and more hype instructor; Annick.

Core Fitness Training also offers “open gym,” a window where can do the workout of the day at their own pace, there will always be a trainer on hand to push you through if needed.

CFT host a special monthly activity. Last month, taking full advantage of their location, they hosted “Burn & Brunch,” a fully equipped workout on the beach, followed by use of the spa facilities and an unlimited brunch at the Diplomat, all for just $50.

Parking is free and if you sign up to Core Fitness Training in February as a STAY FIT 305 reader you can have access to the gym and unlimited classes for $99 a month. Your first class is complimentary, so give it a try. Stay tuned on their Instagram @Core2Fit for updates.