What if your new workout schedule could boil down to once a week for 20 minutes? Would you think there’s no way anyone could achieve results? Would you think there’s a catch or some sort of gimmick?

Well, you’d be wrong. Electronic Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, has been around for centuries, but only recently has the research-backed method of training started to take off.

First, EMS training seems otherworldly. You slip on a pair of functional underwear that fits snug to your body. Next comes the iBody vest with built-in electrodes – that’s where the “E” in EMS comes from. Then comes the straps on your arms and legs which are connected to the vest, which in turn is connected to magnetic cables attached to a machine that generates electrical impulses throughout your body. Ready to sign up?

miha bodytec

“It actually has more of a pleasant feeling,” says Brian Dillman, U.S. Executive Director at miha bodytec – the world’s leading EMS product manufacturer. “This form of training is highly effective and efficient, helping increase muscle mass, and reduce body fat.”

So why isn’t everyone just ordering an EMS vest online and getting ripped in their living room? Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.

First, the FDA just approved of the technology in June. Second, having a qualified and trained Personal Trainer administering the workout is critical. There’s a methodology to the training regimen, and safety, as with any workout program, is critical.

“A typical workout consists of four-second electric impulse segments, followed by four seconds of non-impulse segments,” says Dillman. “The body is in a tense position for the entire 20-minute workout to maximize results. After six weeks of consistent and proper use, the results are there.”

miha bodytec

The official EMS training course, accredited by the Glucker Kollege in Germany, which is certified by NASM, is happening during the FIBO USA Fitness Festival in Miami this October. Trainers can get qualified to administer an EMS workout and be on the forefront of change in the fitness community.

“Miami is one of the most innovative fitness markets in the world,” said Dillman, who’s miha bodytec has 85% of the global EMS market share. “There are 4,000 EMS micro studios (under 500 square feet) outside the US, with their only service offering being EMS.”

miha bodytec has invested heavily in their U.S. operations, with a full warehouse stocked with product just outside of Chicago. They will be showcasing their leading EMS vests and products at FIBO USA, October 17-19.

In addition to the EMS training course, FIBO USA will offer fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike a full education program, comprising of 120+ workouts, workshops, and presentations, many accredited by ACE, AFAA, NASM, and NSCA.

Attendees will also explore an exhibit hall featuring cutting-edge equipment, technology, nutrition, apparel, and recovery solutions, as well as competitions in powerlifting, physique, calisthenics, and more.
For more information, visit FIBO USA.