canadian pharmacy viagra What if a class could promise you a full body workout in 30 minutes? Exhale’s HIIT 30 promises just that. Aileen Febles, the instructor of HIIT 30 at Exhale Bal Harbor, leads the interval workout comprised of two sections.

cheap viagra “The first section of the class is a longer series of functional exercises that target the full body,” explains Febles. “The second section is a cardio based “Tabata” series that increases your metabolic rate. The class also has a killer core workout, and a stretch to cool down before heading out the studio door.”

trusted tablets online pharmacy Unlike the traditional HIIT class offered at Exhale locations, HIIT 30 is localized to your mat. The time needed to transition between exercises is shortened, allowing you to burn more, quickly switching from move-to-move.

“HIIT 30 requires you to bring your best,” claims Febles. “A 30-minute class pushes you to your maximum capacity and effort. The intervals in HIIT 30 are also longer than other HIIT classes offered by Exhale.”

The best part about HIIT 30 is that the workout can be modified. Optional breaks are incorporated into the long intervals for individuals who might need a longer rest. The exercises can also be scaled up or down making moves harder or easier depending on an individual’s needs.

If you are short on time but want to get the most of your workout, then HIIT 30 is the class for you. Exhale Bal Harbor is located inside the Bal Harbor Ritz Carlton. The studio has a beautiful view of the ocean, and other amazing amenities for members and guests to enjoy. Be sure to sign-up for class ahead of time as classes often fill up quickly. Click generic viagra online canada here for more information about HIIT 30 and to book a class.