Whether you’re looking to improve your technique or just purge some frustration by throwing your best combos at the bag, we rounded up the must-try Miami boxing studios in 2019.

*Jab, Cross, and Hook: The Best Boxing Studios in Miami 2018*

CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing located in Brickell sports the signature “CKO” class, involving plyometric movements, heavy bag and core work for an intense and sweaty hour.

Fight Club

Fight Club has locations in Downtown Miami and Doral. Class offerings include boot camp, boxing explosion, technical boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, spinning and circuit training.

TITLE Boxing

With locations in Brickell and Hallandale, TITLE Boxing is perfect if you’re looking for an authentic, full-body workout. TITLE Boxing also offers kickboxing, MMA, and private training sessions.


Equinox is has a variety of boxing classes in it’s lineup. From THE CUT to Boxing Bootcamp, guests will be glad they dropped in for a sweat.

FitBox Method

FitBox Method in Edgewater combines high intensity intervals with circuit training, and each class includes heavy bag work, dumbbells, medicine balls, and Schwinn Airdyne Pro Bikes (super intense).

Body & Soul Boxing

Try the Body & Soul Boxing experience in Coral Gables if you’re looking for that gritty boxing experience. The open-air warehouse makes you feel like you’re training for a title shot, or filming a scene in Rocky.

Mickey Demos

The air-conditioned Mickey Demos in offers a wide-range of classes, from Boxing Bootcamp to Intense Boxing Drills. The classes sound intense- and are – but are designed for all fitness levels.


Throw your best combos on the heavy bags at Anatomy. Get your heart-rate pumping as the workout intensifies, ending with calisthenics and core work to really feel that burn.


Sweat it out in Sunset Harbour at SobeKick. Try the Plyo Box for a more cardio infused workout, or get in a total-body shred with the Core T4 workout with Tony Thomas.

Sucker Punch Fitness

Located in Palmetto Bay near The Falls Shopping Center, Sucker Punch Fitness offers a great cardio boxing class in addition to their bootcamp class.