The second I finished watching Wonder Woman, I felt super inspired to get my badass on and googled Gal Gadot’s training regimen. Boxing helped Gal Gadot pack on 14 pounds of muscle to prep for the role, and you get to punch stuff. Win, win. Boxing is blowing up in Miami, and here are some of the best places to train. Whether you’re looking to improve your technique, get out the frustration of your day, or train like Wonder Woman, we have you covered.

CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing located in Brickell sports the signature “CKO” class, involving plyometric movements, heavy bag and core work for an intense and sweaty hour. Before your first class, you’ll receive an overview of proper form for punch and kick combinations as well as feedback on your form.  The class begins with a dynamic warm-up and moves quickly to alternating heavy bag work and plyometric movements. At the end of each round of heavy bag work, you’ll attack the bag freestyle and get out all of your extra energy and aggression. Expect a sweaty, intense hour! 

Fight Club

Fight Club has locations downtown and in Doral. The downtown location boasts a massive fitness facility complex to meet your boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts needs. The space includes a ring, heavy bags, spinning bikes and space and equipment for strength training. Class offerings include boot camp, boxing explosion, technical boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, spinning and circuit training. If you’re looking for to get your ass kicked and hit some heavy bags, try the boxing explosion class. After a dynamic warm-up, expect six rounds of heavy bag work separated by high intensity plyometric movements. When you want to hit the floor just to catch your breath, it’s time for core work. You’ll be out of breath and feeling super accomplished by the cool-down.

TITLE Boxing

The TITLE Boxing franchise is expanding in South Florida, with current locations in South Beach and Brickell. If you’re looking for heavy bag work, check out the Boxing 45 class. The workout consists of a seven-minute warm-up, followed by eight three minute rounds of different combinations on the heavy bags. The rounds are separated by one minute of active recovery. You’ll wrap up the class with six minutes of core work and a cool down. You can also expect the staff to help put your gloves on at TITLE. “In the ring, boxers don’t have to put on their gloves, so why should you?” I definitely appreciated it – much easier than trying to get my sweaty hands in my gloves on my own!

The Box MIA

It can be a little intimidating walking into a boxing studio – they’re typically pretty grungy and intense. The Box MIA pairs the intensity of boxing classes with a modern, chic studio atmosphere. The standard Box format involves a five-minute warm-up, five minutes of shadow boxing, ten minutes of plyometric boxing, fifteen minutes of heavy bag work, and five minutes of core work. For those looking to build that booty, the Box also offers Booty Box on Mondays and Sundays. Booty Box switches up the format by adding resistance band exercises that target all angles of the glutes, so you get the fun of hitting the heavy bag without missing out on butt day.


If you’re looking for equal attention to all muscles and agility work, check BOX180 at Equinox. BOX180 offers one stance you won’t find in other boxing facilities: Southpaw. Southpaw is a boxing stance in which the right hand and right foot are forward. Given Equinox’s focus on equivalence in movement on both sides of the body, you can try your hand at this different stance (which is also a tough mental workout!). In order to provide a well-rounded workout, BOX180 also incorporates agility work in the warm-up and in between rounds of bag work.

FitBox Method

The FitBox Method combines high intensity intervals with circuit training, and each class includes heavy bag work, dumbbells, medicine balls, and Schwinn Airdyne Pro Bikes (super intense). Expect 30 minutes of heavy bag and cardio boxing, enough to get your stress out and practice your skills. In addition to their signature FitBox 60 class, FitBox Method offers Method101 which uses only cardio and body weight, and Box + Yoga, which aims to create a full mind-body experience.

Body & Soul Boxing

When I walked into Body & Soul Boxing, I felt like a real boxer. Maybe it was because it was my sixth class, but more likely because the facility is everything I expected from a boxing gym. Class offerings include all level boxing, cardio boxing, technical boxing. If you want a taste of the cardio endurance required to be a boxer, take the cardio boxing class. You’ll start off the class with a dynamic cardio warm-up and then move to shadow boxing and plyometric moves with light weights. Next, you’ll hit the bags and finish up with core work. It’s exhausting, and then you do it all over again in round two!

Mickey Demos

Looking for an intense boxing workout in a high end environment? Mickey Demos in Ironside has what you’re looking for! Complete with air conditioning and showers, you can get your box on and then get ready for work or to continue your day. Classes range from Boxing Bootcamp to Intense Boxing Drills. The classes sound intense (and  are!), but they’re designed for all fitness levels.