JetSet Pilates, one of the most popular places to practice Pilates in Miami, has announced plans to open their 7th location, this time in the Brickell neighborhood.

JetSet Pilates will call the Infinity Building home, nestled neatly on 13th street next to the newly constructed SLS.

“We’ll be opening mid-April with an awesome line-up of new and veteran instructors,” said Aryan Rashed, JetSet Pilates Co-Owner. “We’ll have classes 7 days a week and are thrilled to be in the Brickell neighborhood.”

JetSet’s unique classes and resistance-based body conditioning equipment are designed to fuse core principles of weight training, cardio, and Pilates into one 50-minute non-stop signature workout.

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The pace is rigorous, and the difficulty level is dependent upon spring tension (or lack thereof) which varies from exercise to exercise. Classes are broken up into segments, some as short as 30 seconds and others well over a minute long.

If that news wasn’t enough, JetSet Pilates has also announced their 8th location will be coming in May, this time in South Miami.

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