“It all starts in the kitchen” – arguably the most popular piece of advice when it comes to anything health and wellness. Sure, staying consistent in your training, getting a good night’s sleep and drinking lots of water are key, but none of that matters if you are not putting the right food in your body.

Proper workout and balanced nutrition can help you look young, stay healthy and keep active. For those with busy schedules, meal prep and cooking doesn’t always make it on the daily schedule.

AthleticsFit Meal Delivery is ready to get you on track to achieving your health and wellness goals, by serving up their delicious, meal delivery options.

“Our meals are cooked on the day of delivery,” says AthleticsFit Meal Delivery founder, Mikhail S. “They are made with fresh ingredients, have no preservatives, are non-GMO, and have no antibiotics. You can enjoy all of our products knowing they are made with the highest quality of ingredients.”

AthleticsFit Meal Delivery

So where do you start? First select one of their three meal plans:

  • Weight Loss Meal Plan: Three meals daily with a calorie intake of about 900 kcal per day will help you to lose weight in a short period of time and increase metabolism. You will receive lunch and dinner daily, that is 60% protein and 40% low good carbs and vegetables.
  • Traditional Meal Plan: Recommended for people who want to eat clean, healthy, tasty and balanced food. Never frozen. Never canned. Just beautifully prepared to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds with less than 400 calories per meal.
  • Custom Meal Plan: Is a great choice for those who want to eat clean and healthy but still be able to choose protein, carbs and vegetables preferred. Here you have a huge variety of combinations of your choice. Based on your order calories will be counted for you so you can track your daily consumption.

Next, decide how many meals per day you want, yes or no to fish, how many days per week of meals, and how many weeks you are looking to subscribe.

AthleticsFit Meal Delivery

Afterwards, sit back, and enjoy your weekly flow of right-to-your-door meals, with deliveries every Sunday and Wednesday evening. The meals come packaged in a chilled bag, with each meal packaged individually and the ingredients labeled on each. It really makes your weekly meal planning easy, and helps you stay focused on your health and wellness goals.

Some of the meals you can expect throughout a typical week with the Weight Loss / Shredding Meal Plan might consist of protein blueberry buckwheat pancakes, Atlantic salmon with white rice and fresh vegetables, and lean flank steak with mashed potatoes.

Need some in-between snacks, juices, or even want to add a desert to a meal or two? Add their zucchini fritters, red velvet cake, protein oatmeal cookies, or homemade humus with fresh vegetables options.

“There’s a little something for everyone on the menu,” says Mikhail. “It’s not about taking things out of your diet, but consistently eating the right things. We even have healthy detox juices like our home made Wild Berry Ice Tea.”

For more information on the Athletics Fit Meal Delivery program, visit https://athleticsfitmeal.com/.

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