It’s no secret that most Americans are suffering from moderate to high levels of stress. In fact, 44 percent of survey respondents reported that their stress levels have increased over the past five years, according to an American Psychological Association study on stress.

Some of the top companies in the world, like Google, SalesforceAetnaBlackrock and  Bank of America and Goldman Sachs Group, have all rolled out “mindfulness training” in recent years, to help their employees cope with the amount of stress being placed on them, and to improve leadership skills and collaboration, and to decrease healthcare costs.

Enter South Florida fitness entrepreneur Myk Likhov. Best known as the founder of Modern ŌM and Green Monkey Yoga, Likhov has a keen eye for spotting voids in a marketplace, and quickly filling it with a desirable consumer experience. His latest venture looks to help the South Florida community subdue the copious amounts of stress that build up from every day life, via the Modern ŌM Meditation Club.

“People are overstimulated,” says Likhov. “The Modern ŌM Meditation Club is an outlet for people looking to shed the stress of the daily grind.”

Based out of the Modern ŌM loft in Midtown, the Modern ŌM Meditation Club offers members  three sits a week for just $39 a month.

“We want people to embark on a mindfulness lifestyle that is effortless to them,” says Likhov. “We have more problems and friends than we can deal with. If you don’t take back control, you’ll never get it. The club is about connecting with others as it is yourself. People there want to be there and be present.”

The Modern ŌM Meditation Club has plans to expand around town, and introduce themed sits like, “Bro & Beers,” a “just for men meditation” or “Mindful Moms” for women.

The Modern ŌM Meditation Club is offering 111 founding memberships to the club which starts on May 16, that will receive special perks over time.

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