I admit it. I was suspect upon entering Manduu, a modern and compact space located in downtown Miami. Oliver Strauss, President for Manduu USA, confirmed he gets a lot of that, since the philosophy is new in the US. Already established in Europe with over 60 locations, Strauss is passionate about spreading the health benefits of electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS, across the country.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is the prompting of muscle contraction using electric impulses. The Manduu philosophy uses EMS to help customers achieve in just 15-minutes a week, the same results they would get from weight training at a conventional gym. Strauss says, “It’s the perfect solution for busy professionals with busy schedules.”

EMS aims to develop every muscle group equally, in order to achieve a stable body. The electric impulse reaches deep muscle tissues and more than 90 percent of muscle fibers. This helps increase muscle mass at a speedier rate, thus increasing metabolic rate which impacts number of calories burned while a body is at rest. Strauss equates EMS to charging a battery. With each session at Manduu, “we load-up the battery, with the long-term goal of keeping the battery fully charged for as long as possible.”

Following an assessment of my personal well-being and health goals, I step onto the InBody machine for body composition analysis. The report provides a breakdown on body makeup — water-to-protein, to-minerals, to-body fat mass, as well as muscle-to-fat ratio and body segments (e.g. arms, legs and core) ratio. It even informs me of my visceral fat composition, or fat surrounding key organs.

Oliver explains that Manduu evaluates clients in three categories: C-Type, I-Type and D-type, determined by analysis rates of weight, skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass. When connecting the dots of where each measurement sits on the spectrum, the line makes either a C, I or D shape. C translates to muscle mass being under what it should be, while I means a balanced body with all parts equal. But the goal is a D-shape, when your muscle mass is greater than weight and body fat mass. This analysis informs the regimen your Manduu personal trainer will develop for you, taking into account your health goals.

Trainer Mike John sets me up in the special vest and shorts, kitted out with EMS sources to connect me to the machine. After reviewing proper form and the importance of flexing my muscles during the 15-minute session for maximum impact, we get started.

We evaluate the electrical stimulation levels for each part of my body, ensuring I am comfortable with the sensation. The workout includes squat variations, dumbbell lifts and tricep kickbacks with a device called a Smovey, and ab crunches. All of this performed while receiving the muscle stimulation, which provides a tingling sensation.

As a maximum resistance base workout, I could definitely feel my muscles being challenged. It felt like exercising against a very strong ocean current. By the end of the 15 minutes, I feel slightly sore, similar to concluding a really powerful session at the gym.

Manduu philosophy is that each individual is just that, an individual and discourages comparison to others. They focus on individual goals, with personal trainers customizing workouts to your specific body composition, in a private atmosphere.

Currently there are a few Manduu locations throughout the US, with the goal of 8 studios by the end of the year. Each location is connected, allowing customers to enjoy any studio as they do their hometown one. For more information and pricing visit www.manduu.com.