Get ready to MELT away your toxins. RESET Cryotherpy Co-Founders, Jess Scott and Whitney Oakes, are bringing you the hottest way to recover. Known for their cryotherapy services, RESET has a strong reputation for helping clients recover from muscle pain and soreness by getting chilly with temperatures below -240 degrees. Now, the Sunset Harbour company is turning up the heat and launching their hottest new brand, MELT.

Located inside RESET Cryotherapy, MELT is a full spectrum medical grade infrared sauna. Clients can detox, nourish, relax and receive many of the same benefits as cryotherapy. The service is ideal for those who have wanted to try cryotherapy but could not stand the below zero temperatures.

“MELT was created for clients who sought the same benefits of cryotherapy,” says Oakes. “Clients are still getting increases in metabolism, skin-detoxifying properties, and pain relief with MELT.”

MELT Sunset HarbourMELT might look like a traditional sauna, similar to one you have encountered at a gym or spa, but the design features near, mid, and far infrared panels, that target your entire body from every angle, heating the body in a very different way.

“In a traditional sauna, you sweat to cool down because the room is hot. In MELT, the heating occurs from inside of your body, drawing the toxins out, allowing you to sweat up to seven times the amount of toxins than a traditional sauna visit,” Oakes tells STAY FIT 305. While the sauna can reach temperatures as hot as 156 degrees, it’s still lower than traditional saunas

MELT knows that lighting can really set the mood, so they’ve equipped the sauna with medical grade chromotherapy, or light color therapy. Clients can set the lights inside the sauna to their preferred stetting. For those seeking a sense of relaxation or calmness, set MELT’s lights to blue. Try the pink light to cleanse and eliminate impurities, or glow with green light to add harmony to your sauna session. No mood is complete without some tunes, so a Bluetooth speaker lets you jam out while you sweat.

Are you ready to MELT away your toxins? Book your 30-minute MELT session online. Because the sauna can fit up to two people, you and a buddy can MELT together for an additional $15 per session.