It’s no secret that Miamians crave health and wellness. It’s literally what our entire site is about. The latest studio, workout, trainer, health food, etc.

But how does Miami stack up against other healthy cities around the globe? took a look at major cities around the world, rating them on eight different criteria – spas, gyms, yoga & Pilates studios, health food shops, vegan option restaurants, parks/green spaces, average sunlight hours, and the cost of a one-night stay.

So how did we so? Well, the Magic City came in the respectable #6 slot out of 50, so pretty damn good. Paris took the top spot, with Chiang Mai, Barcelona, Pattaya, and Vancouver completing the rest of the top five.

Here is what the rankings had to say about the 305:

Turquoise waters, glamorous neighbourhoods and colourful art deco buildings, Miami combines the luxury of white sands and the excitement of trendsetting nightclubs, making it one of the most sought after destinations to travel to. There are over 500 vegan option restaurants and over 300 health food shops, so it’s not surprising Miami scores highly when it comes to the world’s healthiest cities.

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