Edgewater is getting a new neighbor that is trying to be unlike any other gym in the city. If you’re looking for a gym where you can workout individually and take group classes with like-minded individuals, you will want to check out Miami Strong.

“We took a little of everything and put it in one unique setting,” said co-founder and general manager James Balaila. “We strategically picked out the most unique pieces of equipment to help you burn away fat and build defined muscles.”

Miami Strong

Balaila has been in the fitness industry for almost a decade, has many client success stories, and even authored a book. This knowledge and background are what inspired him to start Miami Strong.

Miami Strong will have boutique-style classes that are programmed so each day you are training a different muscle group. The classes will feature equipment like a TrueForm Runner powered only by the individual using it, and Core Stix, a versatile machine allowing for hundreds of cutting-edge workouts that work your strength and endurance.

Miami Strong


A separate space will be dedicated to strength and conditioning like a traditional gym, where guests can work with personal trainers. More common equipment like squat racks, Smith machines, turf space, and the Booty Builder will all be featured at Miami Strong. A Viking Press for powerlifting and a Pit Shark for weighted squats, chins, dips, and calves are some of the less common equipment that can be found inside Miami Strong.

“This is a gym for all types of people – lifestyle people who like classes and people who want rigorous strength and power workouts,” said Balaila.

Miami Strong

A juice bar serving juices, smoothies, protein shakes, and coffee will be an extra amenity available for guests but is open to everyone in the community, not just members. There will also be men and women’s locker rooms with showers and vanities.

Miami Strong will be opening in early 2019 and are currently doing pre-sale memberships. There is no initiation fee or no annual fee. For more information, you can text IHAVEQUESTIONS TO 305-520-7029 or email James at james@miamistrong.com