Mindbody recently did a survey on workout trends during shelter-in-place for their in-app users. While we already know that many of our fitness habits changed dramatically with the coronavirus pandemic, there are some elements of the workout experience that haven’t changed as much as one might think. Here are some of the details of the Mindbody survey:

Fitness routines before and during COVID-19

Though they’re no longer able to frequent their usual fitness studios and gyms, the majority of Mindbody app users said they’re still dedicated to their fitness routines. It turns out that, despite what’s likely a near-constant attire of stretchy pants, a quarter of people are working out more than they were before the pandemic (either more frequently or for longer durations of time).

Reasons for working out less

Forty-four percent say they’re exercising less than they were pre-pandemic. The top reason for not working out, unsurprisingly, was that their usual fitness locations were closed. Many also cited a lack of motivation and second to that, limited access to fitness equipment. It may be possible for fitness studios and gyms to address limited motivation with fitness challenges and live streams (which may hold people accountable). 

The living room is most popular room to work out in at home

Finding a space to work out at home in can be tough. The majority (61%) say they’ve worked out in their living rooms. Less popular in-home options were a bedroom (25%) or office (8%). A few even reported working out in their kitchens. Fifty-five percent say they’ve worked out outside at least once since the pandemic began.

Virtual workouts have exploded in popularity—and they’re here to stay

Last year, we saw a minority of Mindbody app users using pre-recorded videos (17%) or live streams (7%) to work out. During the pandemic, 70% are exercising with pre-recorded workout videos, and 75% are taking advantage of live stream video workouts. That’s a crazy high adoption of virtual! 

93% say they’re eager to get back to their former fitness routines as soon as they can

Many fitness businesses may have held off in investing in virtual in fear of cannibalizing their in-studio attendance. Despite many Mindbody app users enthusiastically moving to video workouts during this time, 50% say that if sheltering at home were to end today, they’d go right back to their previous routine, pre-social distancing. For about half, video is great for now, but they see it as purely temporary.

How do some of these Mindbody findings compare to your experience working out at home over these past couple months? Check out the full article here.