Miss Eddy Pink is an Instructor at Flywheel Miami Beach. Outside of Flywheel, Eddy fulfills her passion for music as a DJ. To ride with Eddy, check the Flywheel schedule. Connect with Instructors in the 305, follow Eddy on Instagram.

STAY FIT 305: What kind of music do you like to workout to?

Eddy: Remixes!

STAY FIT 305: What does Music Mean to You?

Eddy: “Music is my sanity. It gives me life, and allows me to speak to others without even speaking. My energy, when teaching a class doesn’t come from my morning Café Bustelo (ok maybe partially), but comes from the ridiculous beats blaring in the studio. Music is my daily does of happy.” 

Eddy’s Top Workout Hits:

  • “September” – Throttle x Earth, Wind & Fire
  • “Wake Me Up” – EDX Miami Sunset Remix
  • “Voodoo” – Tribal Mix
  • “Feel It Still” – Coldabank Remix

Listen to the complete playlist on the STAY FIT 305 Spotify Account: Eddy Pink’s Workout Hits