For those living or working in Doral, you are in luck, because Pure Joy Restaurant, the latest healthy spot, and creative kitchen, recently opened its doors in Midtown Doral. With an extensive menu that adds a creative twist to breakfast, lunch, and dinner favorites, anyone is sure to find something to please their tastebuds. A tasty meal, one that is guilt-free and made from scratch, is what Pure Joy is all about.

Pure Joy is described by Mariana Viloria, creator and co-founder of the restaurant, as, “food created in its purest and most honest form. Made from scratch and utilizing all-natural ingredients, the food is meant to bring joy to those who eat it.”

Viloria’s experience of eating unhealthy foods affected her health growing up. She went on to later study nutrition, which led to her passion for healthy cooking. After combining the two, Viloria realized she could make meals that were both delicious and nutritious.

By opening Pure Joy, Viloria is now able to share the knowledge, dedication, and love she puts into her recipes on a plate, and serve those looking to eat something that will not only taste good but that is also made pure.

The purpose of the restaurant is to erase the stigma of healthy meals being boring and not as flavorsome as other foods that can be unhealthy and harmful. Viloria wants to create a place that is available to everyone, “delivering food that is nourishing, yet as appetizing and comforting as your grandma’s cooking.”

With recipes that are innovative and interesting, such as the impossible sliders and the asado negro, they are sure to catch people’s eye when reading the menu.

Craving sweets but don’t want to feel bad about it later? Pure Joy also has a wide selection of satisfying, guilt-free desserts, from cheesecake to brownies. The menu has plenty of options for people to find something they want, and leave with a full belly and a happy heart.

Pure Joy manages to bring its name to life by creating an atmosphere that offers serenity and happiness through its vibrant yet soothing colors, relaxing tunes, smiling faces ready to serve, and an open kitchen for all to see.

Whether one stops by for a quick coffee break, a post-workout smoothie, a casual luncheon, or a Saturday brunch with friends, Pure Joy makes sure to welcome everyone at any time of the week. The restaurant is meant to invite people in, to sit down, and have a meal in a calm place that will bring them joy both inside and out.

To learn more about Pure Joy, check out their Instagram @purejoy_restaurant or their website