When two guys with a passion for fitness and a desire to improve the wellbeing of others connect, they create greatness and inspire.

New to the South Miami fitness scene is the sweat-so-hard warehouse, Stunna’s Fit. What began as a trainer-client relationship quickly turned into a goal crushing partnership between Gabriel and Jose.

Former MMA fighter, Gabriel Varona, refused to leave fitness behind him upon retirement and started as a personal trainer. Outside of the ring, Varona was also known for his motorcycle stunts, hence the name Stunna.

But don’t let the hot-headed exterior fool ya (his words, not mine), this tri-athlete is the type of human whose team you want to be on and are sure to be empowered by.

Aside from impacting the physical state of clients, Varona has set out to impact the lives of Miami’s homeless. When he saw a man in a dumpster and learned the man was looking for shoes, Varona took the size 11’s off his feet and gave them to the man. From there, non-profit Shoes for Streets was founded.

Stunna's Fit

For Jose Hernandez, the corporate marketing creative and other half of Stunna’s Fit, training with Varona not only provided physical benefits, but that inspiration and motivation to do what he’s is best at—creating, but in a whole new capacity.

With both men, successful in their careers, decided to add ‘entrepreneur’ to their hats and bring South Miami a place for fitness to thrive.

Varona starts training at 6:00am five days a week with a Fit Camp class that will push you to your limits – and then some. The Stunna’s Fit team of local rock-star trainers each empower the best physical version of yourself to come out and play in a place that feels just as much like family as it does fitness.

Stunna’s Fit classes range from Fit Camp and Boxing to Kettlebells and Savage Sundays with special events happening on the regular.

Keep up with Stunna’s Fit on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/STUNNAFIT/ and on Instagram @stunnasfitsomi and drop by the warehouse at 5850 Commerce Lane, South Miami, Florida.