Designed to be a community hangout with coffee, breakfast, drinks, sandwiches and pastries with an upstairs creative space perfect for wellness classes and designer pop-ups, the team behind New York City’s The Smile has joined forces with David Grutman and developer Craig Robins to open OTL in the Miami Design District. The two-story, 7,000-square-foot restaurant and café is located at 160 NE 40th Street, in the pedestrian neighborhood, home to more than 60 flagship stores, design showrooms, restaurants, galleries and cultural experiences.

OTL is both comfortable and cultural, and deeply rooted in the local community. The second floor will be used for a variety of programming, from yoga classes and meditation to interactive panel discussions, designer pop-up shops, and much more. OTL will feature ultra high-speed internet and both indoor and outdoor seating, encouraging patrons to treat the space as their creative headquarters in the District.

“All the partners of OTL are bringing what we do best to the table to ensure this is a winning concept,” said David Grutman, owner of LIV, Story and Komodo. “The Smile team knows how to create a welcoming, casual space with great food. Craig Robins will bring his expertise in art and design, and I’m excited to bring fresh content to the programming and event space of the restaurant. This is the perfect concept to expand my footprint even further and become a part of the Design District.”


OTL will serve breakfast, light fare, snacks and a happy hour. The menu will feature organic food available on-the-go or to-stay, for those looking to sit and make the most of the vibrant destination. Breakfast items include healthy options such as granola, avocado toast, eggs and fruit. Sandwiches are served on freshly-made Zak the Baker bread. Salad ingredients, wraps and pastries will also be locally sourced.

“When opening our restaurants we’ve always been drawn to artistic communities, and the Miami Design District was exciting to us for this reason,” said Matt Kliegman co-owner and operator of The Smile.

“We really admire what Craig [Robins] has done with the District, where art is on view at every turn, and we hope OTL will become a place in the neighborhood where locals and visitors feel free to enjoy a meal, get work done or just unwind and hang out,” added Carlos Quirarte, co-owner of The Smile.

OTL’s design is an approachable yet luxurious environment. Designed by Deft Union, a design and custom fabrication studio that creates commercial interiors, custom furniture and architectural installations. The open space has earthy tones, ample comfortable seating and hints of marble. The design accents subtly nod to Miami’s Cuban-influenced culture.


“The idea of being out to lunch not literally, but in a metaphysical way, drove a lot of the design intent,” said Michael Dolatowski, one of the three principals of Deft Union. “We wanted to create a space that would invite people to day dream.” Other Deft Union principals include Taylor Kienholz and Craig Hamlin.

Located in the core of Miami’s Design District, OTL will also feature a number of dynamic pieces of art. Currently on display are two vibrant pieces that resemble magnetized bullet holes by Nate Lowman named “Pink Altima” and “Green Altima.”

“We’re thrilled to have David Grutman bring his particular brand of magic to the District, and to welcome The Smile guys to Miami with their first project in Florida. They share a real understanding of what makes a great neighborhood restaurant, a place that people want to visit time and time again,” Robins says. “Enjoying good coffee and food in a comfortable setting provides a break from the daily grind. This new concept is going to be the soul of the Design District. OTL is set to be a hub for locals and visitors who want a bit of culture with their coffee.”

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