The home-fitness cycling company Peloton Interactive Inc. said it set a record Wednesday, April 22 for the most people streaming a single live class, with 23,000 participants.

This participation record is not just company-wide, but also for “the largest live workout count of any class ever” according to Peloton. As everyone works out at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been a huge opportunity for Peloton. The company now has more than 2 million subscribers worldwide.

The record-breaking class was led by Robin Arzón, Peloton’s vice president and head instructor. Arzón broadcasted the 30-minute Pop Ride from her living room. This is the first time that a Peloton class was filmed outside of their studios in New York and London.

The company’s previous record was 19,000 riders in its Turkey Burn class on Thanksgiving Day 2019.