Pilates ProWorks, an outside-the-box fitness concept centered on the fundamentals of classical Pilates with a modern, innovative twist, is excited to introduce its latest original workout – Tone & Flow.

An athletic combo class delivering a vigorous flow between yoga and Pilates, Tone & Flow demonstrates Pilates ProWorks’ dedication to providing fun, high-energy workouts that offer variety and keep clients engaged.

Through a fusion of familiar yoga postures, calisthenics and Pilates core strengthening moves, Tone & Flow allows clients to sculpt, tone and flow their way to a strong body and calm mind.

From upbeat yoga sequences designed to raise your heart rate, to plank variations that will challenge muscles you didn’t know you had, to a series of stretches to combat tension, participants will improve balance, stamina and flexibility, and achieve effective, sustainable results without the pain or harm of more high-impact workouts. Ample available modifications make this 55-minute mat class accessible to all levels.

“Continuing to develop diverse and inventive fitness is a fundamental part of Pilates ProWorks,” said Pilates ProWorks Co-Founder Taylor Carter. “By fusing Pilates and yoga, clients can now gain the mind-body benefits of the two practices all in one dynamic, efficient class. It’s a powerful two-in-one workout and we’re beyond excited to roll it out to all of our studios.”

Tone & Flow joins the roster of Pilates ProWorks’ beloved creative offerings such matBox, a full-body workout that brings together kickboxing, Pilates and Yoga into one intensity-packed session; and Pilates Pro, the signature amped-up Pilates class that combines resistance, lengthening, and strength training into a high-energy, music-fueled total body workout.

Tone & Flow is rolling out to Pilates ProWorks across the country including the Coral Gables location in South Florida.