No fluff. Just science. That’s what the husband-wife duo of Lynet and Paco Aspuru are bringing to Pinecrest with their latest creation, Antidote Fitness Labs.

“We’ve built fitness concepts internationally with a keen attention to detail and over 20 years of experience,” says Lynet. “We are so excited to be launching a new generation of group fitness studios in our hometown of Miami.”

The 4,000 square-foot studio will open up to a gorgeous lobby designed by award winning designers and architects. After checking in, guests will pass through industrial glass doors into a huge workout space and be immediately energized by the nightclub quality sound and lighting system.

“All of our equipment is top of the line,” says Lynet. “Our Climb Towers are actually brought in from Australia. Each guest will have their own Lift Station where weights and resistance bands are easily accessible for them, and they have a large personal space to do their movements, no crowding here.”

The Antidote workout is a 50-minute class that changes every day. What stays the same is the use of Metabolic Rounds, meaning that you will push yourself to the limit for short bursts and rest in between.

There are four rounds that are 8-12 minutes each, taking you through a range of athletic motions. By running on Woodway treads, climbing on PowerTowers, and lifting at a personal weight station, guests can expect a full body workout that is going to shred fat and tone muscle.

Antidote Fitness Labs will also feature a Metabolic Lab for nutritional guidance, a Stayku 360 Body Scanner to accurately measure progress, and an infrared sauna for recovery and anti-aging.

“We chose Pinecrest to launch this concept because we saw a need waiting to be filled,” says Lynet. “This community has always been passionate about health and fitness. We knew that if there was a community that would appreciate a modern and high-quality fitness studio, it would be this one which has been disregarded in the past because of its location so far from Miami’s explosive development scene. It’s time someone brought something innovative to the suburbs.”

Antidote Fitness Labs is set to open in March 2019. For more information, visit