While small-group training gyms have increased in popularity across South Florida, PumpFit Club offers its own unique personality and killer workouts.

PumpFit Club was founded by Hannah Eden in 2014. It initially began as a bootcamp class in the back of another gym before evolving into a HIIT training studio in 2015. Eden wanted to create a space to serve members, regardless of age, shape and size, and help them set and achieve any fitness goals.

“Our vision is to empower our local community. Once you walk through our doors, you are stripped from every single social label,” said Paulo Barreto, co-owner and operator at PumpFit. “We work every single day on breaking stereotypes and pushing every member to discover themselves and the athlete within.”

The full-body, high-intensity, group workouts merge and mix intense cardio with resistance training for fat loss, toning and conditioning. The PumpFit program goes beyond the typical stations and circuits. No class is the same, and each day of the week offers a different structure of workout, challenging the body and mind with routines meant to improve overall fitness – from speed, power and agility to strength, balance and coordination.

“We utilize many modalities of fitness to bring a diverse and ever-challenging experience to each workout,” said Barreto. “At the core of our program is body building, kettle bell sport and flow, yoga, animal flow, and bodyweight plyometrics.”

Trainers are able to deliver individualized attention in a group setting, and are very hands-on, ensuring correct form and providing positive energy and encouragement.

At the end of each class, after a much-needed cool-down and stretch, everyone gathers around a circle and brings their hands together. The trainer awards one athlete who’s drive and work ethic stood out during the workout.

“Anyone can receive the stamp regardless of fitness level, how fast they move or how much weight lifted. It’s about recognizing effort and small victories, be it a perfect lunge or the first box jump completed,” said Barreto.

The stamp goes on your bicep and it says “F*cking Fantastic.” It’s a great goal for any participant to have at PumpFit Club.

PumpFit Club is located at 408 N Andrews Ave in Fort Lauderdale. Check out the class schedule at pumpfitclub.com or find them on Instagram at pumpfit_club.