Sweat Equity – an interest or increased value in one’s body earned from exhausting effort and strenuous exertion.

That definition is what helped named family-owned Sweat Equity, the Fort Lauderdale functional fitness studio.

At Sweat Equity, the workout will push you to your limits by incorporating a wide range of exercise equipment as you move through station-based, high-intensity circuits. 

Coaches ensure a positive fitness experience by ensuring proper form and providing contagious energy. Knowledgeable on overall wellness including diet and weight loss as well, Sweaty Equity coaches can provide members all-inclusive health guidance and training.

The Sweat Equity community uses a unique mobile app that helps keep members motivated and supported. The app is also integrated with their in-house biometric tracking technology, the Neo Health Onyx Scale. This allows Sweat Equity members to see the numbers behind their growth, and create measurable goals for long-term health. Members can also easily book classes and personal training sessions though the app as well.

The walls inside look more like a street you’d find in Wynwood, featuring original, hand-painted murals, adding color and character to the space. There are showers for those fitting a workout into their busy schedules.

Sweat Equity is very eco-conscious, using self-powered cardio machines and renewable materials and products with a goal to minimize their carbon footprint and be a sustainable fitness studio.

Located at 909 East Cypress Creek Road in Fort Lauderdale, Sweat Equity offers a free week trial. For more information, visit sweatequityfit.com, or on Instragram at @sweatequity_fitness.