Miami fitness instructor PJ Venturino can be spotted all over town. Fitbox Method, Beat The Gym, Edition Hotels, and Roya Fit all employ his high-energy, and high-effective programming. Fitness enthusiasts flock to his usually sold-out classes to sweat with Venturino who gives you his all every time. We caught up with Venturino for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow him on Instagram – @fullbodyfit85.

Tell us about yourself – where are you from and how did you find your way to the 305?

Born and raised in New York. Graduated from college in Connecticut and lived there for six years. Moved to Miami over five years ago to further my career as a fitness professional.

How did you get your start in fitness and as an instructor?

I started as a front desk employee at New York Sports Club at age 19. They saw my passion and enthusiasm for fitness and training and recommended I get certified. A couple of months later I obtained a Personal Trainer certification and began training clients. I was the youngest trainer in the company at the time.

What is your favorite part of being a fitness instructor?

Being able to teach others about how the body works, it’s endless potential and how it will enhance their quality of life in all areas. I love to lead by example and show others what can be done with the human body. Being paid for what you love to do is priceless. Making your passion your paycheck is the American Dream.

How do you stay full of energy throughout the day?

I drink about a gallon of water a day, eat 7-8 times a day and sleep 8-9 hours a night. With all three working in unison, you can sustain longer periods of activity with higher energy levels.

How would you describe your classes?

Energetic, Informative, Organized, Methodical, Results Driven, Intense, Life Changing.

What is one fitness myth you would like to bust?

Carbs DO NOT make you fat. Then again, not all carbs are created equal. You need certain types of carbs at certain times in the day and for certain activities. The “Fab Five” are oatmeal, sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa and plain rice cakes. Carbs are one of your main energy sources so you need them (in moderation) when you need to expend the most energy.

Tell us a little bit more about your specialty as an fitness instructor.

I specialize in a few different types of modalities and training methods, mainly Kickboxing/Martial Arts, Sports/Athletic training, and muscle gain/fat reduction.

Besides fitness, what’s one thing you’re passionate about?

Nature. I love to be outside in the elements, connecting with the earth and appreciating the energy and opportunity it has to offer. Aside from that, I also love water sports such as paddle boarding and kayaking.

What is the one thing you do every day to stay fit?

Move! Whether it’s training 5-6 days a week, riding my bike, playing basketball, working, running, just moving! Movement is medicine.

How do you practice mental health in your everyday life?

Remaining focused on what it is I want accomplish in my life and reminding myself I’m fortunate to be able to live the life I choose.