After bouncing around between New York, Haiti, and Miami, Ron Gilbert finally settled in the 305 with his family. Gilbert can be spotted leading packs of the #NoDaysOff crew at Legacy Fit Coral Gables. We caught up with Gilbert for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow him on Instagram – @ronnodaysoff.

Tell us about yourself – where are you from and how did you find your way to the 305?

I am from a few places. I was born in Queens, New York, raised in Haiti from ages two to ten, moved to Miami in 1991, moved to New York after college in 2006. I recently moved back home with wife (@jaifaith) and first child about five years ago and welcomed our second child this October.

How did you get your start in fitness and as an instructor?

If I recall correctly, I think it was actually by default. My wife was the first of us two to be in the industry – she taught a small group class at this place in the Bronx, which believe or not, sold shakes called “Thin is In.” Something came up and she couldn’t teach her class and I had to fill in last minute for her.

What is your favorite part of being a fitness instructor?

My favorite part is the number of souls I get to encounter on a yearly basis, seeing life change in people physically and mentally, and just overall human connection through fitness.

How do you stay full of energy throughout the day?

The typical answer would be pre-workout, colada, and energy drinks which I use in a blue moon. But the guilty honest answer is I take a 15-minute nap mid-day in my car. It’s an old school veteran tactic I learned from my Big Bro @joenodaysoff (the hardest worker I know). Please don’t be trying to look in my car mid-day.

How would you describe your classes?

Fun, high energy, LIT, Go Hard or else you will hear from me. We work hard but I like to make it fun, because at the end of the day, what most people don’t want to admit, it’s intentional action and work.

What is one fitness myth you would like to bust?

So many. High reps and lighter weights make you cut, cardio is considered treadmill or running, cardio is anything that gets your heart rate up, lift weights with me I’ll show you cardio. Sorry – got caught up – anyways, next question!

Besides fitness, what’s one thing you’re passionate about?

I’ll say my relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior (Don’t go and put me in the Christian box now).

What are you excited about right now?

My future, I feel like I haven’t scratched the surface of my ultimate life potential.

What is a long-term goal you are working towards or would love to achieve?

Oh okay, now we trying to get deep deep – it’s to have a basketball/life academy for young boys.

How do you practice mental health in your everyday life?

Morning ritual of quick prayer and gratitude for another day, read a quick word, have some sort of meditation/ visualization of my day.