Are you always on the lookout for new gyms, studios and trainers to workout with? Well, so are we. That’s the foundation of Stay Fit 305 after all – to be your guide to the best South Florida trainers, gyms, studios, health foods and fitness events.

We love featuring new trainers. These are the individuals pushing you to your limits when you want to give up, and who you thank when you’ve reached your goal. This week, get to know the owner of Morphe Fitness – Roberto Santamarina.

  1. How long have you been in the fitness profession?

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 20 years. I started at 17 years old. I was a professional athlete at 19, playing professional beach volleyball. Sports and the body was always my thing.

  1. What is “Gravity” training and why did it pique your interest?

Gravity training is a total gym machine. Why I appreciate this machine is because it’s a combination of rehabilitation, flexibility, strength and conditioning at all types of levels. You’re working with your own body weight which makes it all that more special. I was interested in Gravity training because I can have and teach a group class with multiple machines.

  1. Your class is a mix of male, female, young & older. Would you say everyone can have access to working on the Gravity machine?

Definitely, all different types of people and ages can experience an amazing workout on the gravity yet be challenged and safe on the machine.

  1. How would you differentiate the Gravity machine from a Pilates reformer?

The main difference between the two is that the Pilates machine is a flatbed that works on springs for resistance. The gravity machine has a free flowing board and your body weight is the resistance. The incline on the gravity machine allows to create a stronger or lighter workout. The Gravity machine also allows someone who is not technique sound or completely aware of their body to experience an optimal workout where on a Pilates reformer a great workout is dependent on great technique and coordination.

  1. What does Morphe fitness offer that is unique and you believe sets you apart?

What makes Morphe unique and different is the staff and the energy that vibrates health and happiness within the walls of Morphe. Aside from that, the true personalized Gravity and Climbing sessions are not found anywhere else.

  1. You have a really calming and nice way/effect about you when you’re teaching. I noticed you also consciously make the effort to bring awareness to your clients about their breathing and not to tighten the skin or face.  Have you studied wellness or holistic practices in your past?

Yes, I do a lot of studying when it comes to Wellness. Once again, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in the last forty years and present this to my clients. It’s not just about training, but the awareness they’re bringing to the class and the awareness they’re bringing to their body and that doesn’t always just apply to the physical.

  1. Morphe Fitness is also a wellness studio. What type of wellness practices do you offer and believe in?

Life coaching, Nutrition and Goal orientation consultations. We also offer massage therapy, stretch sessions, Rehab therapy and body treatments that include facials.

  1. Why did you choose Little Havana to open your studio?

I was looking for a space to rent and I was driving by the building which caught my eye.  The realtor so happened to be a client of mine from the past and I knew when I saw it it was my spot.

  1. Where did you get the name Morphe Fitness?

Morphē, the name of my business, originated when all I could think about offering my clients was change. Metamorphosis seemed a little too much, so I chose the abbreviated Greek term Morphē;)

  1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

I’m still working on it. I get better at it because I’ve brought a lot of peace and patience in my life. I’ve learned to let the Universe open doors and ultimately happiness is to continue to evolve and adapt to all the stuff thrown your way in life.