Exercise physiologist Royal Burpee, the founder of his namesake movement the “burpee,” is not from South Florida.

But June 4, 1898, was his birthday, which would have made him 144 years old today, so we want to celebrate him anyways.

Sadly, the inventor of the burpee passed away in 1987.

Burpee, or “Goog” as Dluginski knew him as a child, was an exercise physiologist, avid camper, and bodybuilder who worked at the YMCA in New York. While conducting research for his Ph.D. at Columbia University in the 1930s, he wanted to find an efficient way to determine people’s physical fitness.

Here is Burpee’s official, original test, as it appeared in his book “Seven Tests of Physical Capacity”:

Royal Burpee


I want you to do a little exercise to get your heart working, so please do exactly as I say. Bend your knees, and place your hands flat on the floor in front of you. (Subject performs movement)

Jump your legs straight out to the rear, and leave them there. (Subject performs movement)

Jump your legs back. (Subject performs movement)

Stand up. (Subject performs movement)

That’s right – the original burpee fitness test didn’t include a jump up at the end, which is often part of workouts today. So, the next time a trainer makes a comment at your winded-no-jump, just tell them Royal said no.