Salt Miami Wellness is set to open October 14 in North Miami Beach, offering South Florida residents a home for an important part of any health and wellness routines. We often narrowly focus in on our diet and exercise to achieve our own version of healthy, but there’s always more we can do to be a more holistically healthy person.

Until its Grand Opening 4-6pm Sunday October 14, Salt Miami Wellness is offering free trial sessions of salt therapy and access to its infrared sauna. There are three rooms – adult, VIP and children’s – that have 20,000 lbs of Himalayan salt between them.

Salt Miami Wellness

The owner, Anna Scasa, opened Salt Miami Wellness as a means to bring a widely practiced and accepted health regimen from her home country, Russia, to South Florida. She says salt therapy has endless benefits for the general population, those with chronic and long-term illnesses and athletes. An athlete herself (CrossFit specifically) she has always incorporated salt therapy in her routine as it helps her maintain endurance and lung function while working out.

Some of the things Salt Therapy can help with:

  1. Lung function & capacity
  2. Skincare, exfoliation
  3. Common cold
  4. Allergies
  5. Sleeping
  6. Ear infections
  7. COPD, bronchitis and other lung issues
  8. Muscle soreness
  9. Post-surgery recovery

“Salt Therapy is something that should be added to everyone’s health regimen, similar to working out or eating healthy,” says Scasa. “Multiple sessions help to build up salt in your system over time. Each session is 45 minutes and is equivalent to going to the beach for 3 days. Most customers dose off and end up staying for two sessions or 90 minutes.”

Athletes are encouraged to go for a 45-minute Salt Therapy session followed by a 45-minute Infrared Sauna session to achieve maximum benefits and wellness.

Salt Miami Wellness

Membership pricing and single visit pricing are available after the mid-October opening. Unlimited packages start at $99/month. Visit their website or follow them on Instagram at @saltmiamiwellness for more information.