Miami Beach is no stranger to the booming fitness industry spreading throughout South Florida. Sunset Harbor resident SobeKick, has found a way to make it feasible for just about anyone to feel like they’re working out in Miami, regardless of their physical location, by introducing SobeKick Live.

SobeKick Co-Owner, Johnny Rock, was inspired to create the SobeKick Live program last summer, as a way to keep people who come to Miami motivated to be in the best shape of their life, with a “summer forever vibes” mentality.

After messing with a few ideas, the design for an on-demand, live stream video feed of his Miami trainers pushing viewers to being the best version of themselves, was the solution.

“The trainers are excited and motivated for the SobeKick Live program just as much as the online viewers,” said Rock. “It allows them to build their own brand and get more clients for themselves. Trainers are also compensated for the people tuning into the Live program, so they too are wanting to give it their all.”


SobeKick Live allows users to workout from anywhere with direct instruction from the SobeKick trainers. The Live program is on demand via web, iOS and Android, with Roku and Apple TV accessibility coming soon.  With a membership, you get access to the SobeKick class lineup, ranging from Boxing Bootcamp, Cardio Kickboxing, Abs & Butt, Core, Yoga and more. 35 new classes are added every week, totaling 140 new classes a month.

“I have been with SobeKick about four years now,” said Shay Medal, SobeKick member. “I absolutely love the online classes. It’s exactly like attending the actual class and just as motivating. In one-hour, I’m burning up to 800 calories.”

SobeKick Live is offering a promotion, with the first 30-days as a free trial, with no credit card needed. The program runs $29 a month, and is a month-to-month membership, with no commitment.

SobeKick also offers a yearly subscription for $199, a steep discount from the month-to-month package. They also have gloves, jump ropes, weights and standup boxing bags for purchase as well.

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