Professional soccer players are known to go through grueling training programs to stay game ready. Cardio, strength training and various circuits are used to establish and enhance players’ skills for optimum performance and endurance on the field.

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Luckily, with the establishment of SoccerShape’s physical fitness program in Miami, we can get the experience of how professional soccer players train to stay in shape and be the best at their game.

SoccerShape was founded by Mason Trafford, Jonathan Borrajo and Rhet Bernstein – all professional players currently on the Miami FC roster. They took their high level training regime and packaged into a program designed for all levels of fitness.

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I had the chance to meet these three innovative entrepreneurs and take part in their 7pm class. The workout began with some running drills to get the body moving and prepped for what was to come.

Throughout the workout, we worked through agility circuits that included a soccer ball to aid in coordination while moving.

We ended with some strength exercises that included pushups, sit-ups and planks for the core, squats for glutes, followed by a “cool off.”

The atmosphere was fantastic. Good music was blasted and most importantly, the workout was challenging and well rounded.

All three coaches were very motivating and knowledgeable and were there to help members achieve their best results.

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