A new Pilates studio in Midtown will have every muscle of your body shaking. The good news, everyone in Miami is about to have a six pack. [solidcore] Miami is set to open its first South Florida location with a February 24th soft-opening and a March 3rd, 2018 grand-opening.

[solidcore] Miami is the 31st studio joining an impressive list of other locations that include New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Philadelphia. [solidcore] is not your average Pilates studio. The classes at [solidcore] are intense, the workouts challenging and the instructors’ energy is magnetic.

I attended one of the preview classes this weekend with Coach Jo Gomez. In a mirrored room, under blue lights, I was introduced to “sweatlana,” the [solidcore] reformer that would become my best and worst friend for the next 50-minutes.

Gomez went over some terms she would use in the workout and demonstrated some key moves we would perform. The music came on and the warm-up began with a series of planks in varying difficulty. Extensions, crunches, and extended holds added to a standard plank had my abs on fire. I could quickly see (and feel) that [solidcore] was not your average Pilates class.

The class progressed targeting other muscle groups in a similar fashion to what had previously occurred. Squats and lunges made my legs shake, with sequences of holds and pulses mixed in with the exercise’s full range of motion. Bicep curls challenged my arms from various standing and supine positions. The 50-minute class, which is just as mentally demanding as it is physically, was over before I knew it. Through every hold, pulse, and extension, Jo shouted out words of encouragement that pushed your body past its limits.

[solidcore] Miami

“[solidcore] is purposefully sequenced to work your slow-twitch muscles to failure,” says Gomez. “Your muscles are in constant tension the entire class. The resistance-based workout is “intense but with no impact.”

The class also requires a lot of stability and balance, challenging clients to use their core throughout the class. Aside from the physical aspect, [solidcore] Miami challenges your mental toughness.

“You have to be willing to work your muscles to failure, that’s where you will see the change,” explains Gomez.

With over 250 exercises to be done on “sweatlana,” each class will feel different. While the class targets multiple muscle groups, each class will have a certain focus. Through a mix of classes and instructors your body will get a balanced workout.

If you are wondering if I felt sore the next day, the answer is yes. However, that sore feeling will push me back to [solidcore] Miami, knowing this workout will make me one step closer to my goals.

[solidcore] Miami is located at 135 NE 32nd Street. Clients can sign-up for coach in training classes, which start 2/14 and costs just $5. [solidcore] Miami is also offering new client and grand opening specials, with complementary towels and water for purchase for class. For more information and to checkout the [solidcore] Miami schedule click here.