Summer is more of a calendarized formality in the Magic City, with temperatures dropping below  70 degrees only a handful of days throughout the year. With sunshine and blue skies being an almost everyday certainty, Miami’s fitness scene has a slate of uber popular classes designed to keep your booty looking good. Here are our must-try booty classes in Miami for Summer 2018.

  1. Barry’s Bootcamp: Butt + Leg Day

Get ready to have shaky legs, because butt + leg day at Barry’s is no stroll in the park. If you’re not running on the treadmill, you can expect to be feeling the burn in your legs, with tons of variations of weighted lunges, pulsing squats, and plyometrics. Barry’s make sure to incorporate deadlifts, calf raises, fire hydrants, iso-work and even utilize the bench to test your balance while doing some intense leg variations. Feel the burn, and see the tone, with this one of a kind leg day workout.

  • Where: Barry’s Bootcamp Midtown, Miami Beach, Aventura
  • When: Tuesday’s – All day
  • Cost: $30 per class
  1. Sweat440: Lower Body/Core

4 stations, 40 minutes of sweat, is the motto at Sweat440. You can hop into a class every 10 minutes, so you never have to worry about being late to a workout class again. This is HIIT that will leave you hot and sweaty. Expect TRX squats and leg lifts, ball slams, kettle bell lunges, bench squat jumps, sled pushes, and knee tucks to get the heart racing. Be ready to sweat your booty off, or should we say, sweat that booty into shape.

  • Where: Sweat440 1916 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, Florida
  • When: Tuesdays + Thursdays- All day
  • Cost: First Class Free
  1. JetSet Pilates: Abs & Booty

The JetSet Abs & Booty class is a 50-minute intensive class that focuses on sculpting your glutes and shaping your abs to perfection. We recommend taking class with JetSet’s Starr Hawkins, who knows how to work the right muscles to get that booty ready for Miami’s pool party scene.

  • Where: Sunset Harbour, Wynwood, Brickell, Coral Gables, South Miami, Pinecrest, North Miami
  • When: Check Schedule
  • Cost: Intro Class – $25
  1. Fitbox Method: Leg Day Friday

Leg day Friday is revolutionary at Fitbox Method, as trainer Elie Agustama takes you through a 60-minute leg workout in his house of fitness. Expect one-leg burpees, wall sits, jump squats, crab walks, and tons of plyometrics. It’s a HIIT session, so your heart will be pumping while you take it our on the bag. Each class ends with a solid 10 minutes of core. Embrace the burn, and get one hell of a booty pump, as you experience Agustama’s passion for results.

  • Where: Fitbox Method
  • When: Friday 7pm
  • Cost: First class free
  1. Barbell Society + Fitness: Booty Day

Get bored looking at the same four walls in the gym? Barbell Society + Fitness allows you to get in shape and tone that booty while admiring the Miami river. In this HIIT circuit class you can expect box jumps, fire hydrants, weighted lunges, kettlebell squats, skater lunges, and tons of resistance band use to really feel the burn. It’s a great sweat, with an awesome view, and playlists that will make you think your at a dance party.

  • Where: Society Barbell + Fitness
  • When: Thursdays – 6:30am, 4:30pm, 6:30pm
  • Cost: First class free
  1. Legacy Fit: Strength Day

This class is about lifting heavy, motivating your partner in training to work hard, and gaining some strength in those muscles. Legacy Fit’s unique circuit training programming pairs you with a partner to work through a gauntlet exercises. You can except a little bit of everything, from weighted squats, heavy ropes, sled pulls, to deadlifts and the versa-climber. Your legs will be shaking in the best way after this boot camp.

  • Where: Legacy Fit: Doral, Coral Gables, Wynwood
  • When: Monday + Thursdays all day
  • Cost: First class free
  1. Stunna’s Fit: Abs + Booty

“Hard work always pays off,” is the motto at Stunna’s Fit, so bring max effort to this booty camp. Beatriz Cosio leads the abs + booty class, using tons of weighted ab exercises, band duck walks, ISO leg lifts with bands, sumo deadlifts, plank hip dips, plank reaches, and single leg V-ups. You can also expect some Tabata in this class, because no class is ever the same. Cosio isn’t playing any games when she teachers her killer abs + booty class.

  • Where: Stunna’s Fit
  • When: Monday + Wednesdays 5:30pm, Tuesday + Thursday 9:00 am
  • Cost: First class free
  1. Fierce Fit: Booty + Abs Blaster

Fierce Fit has brought the heat to Doral with their booty + abs class. You can expect weighted wall sits, weighted toe touches, ISO squat and press’ with bands, single leg lunges, kettle bell swings, and a lot of hip thrusters. This class is all about strength and conditioning.

  • Where: Fierce Fit
  • When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm + Saturdays at 10:00am
  • Cost: First class free
  1. GRIT Miami: Butt + Guts

GRIT Miami decided to take a load off of heavy weights and incorporate more body weight training with the Butts + Guts class. The 45-minute HIIT class will have you constantly moving and focusing on heavy cardio, core, and lower body. You can except high knees, pistol squat challenges, tons of plyometric variations to squats, lunges, and lighter weights with explosive moves. Get ready to bring out your “grit” within and become a healthier version of yourself.

  • Where: GRIT Miami
  • When: Sunday’s 10am
  • Cost: First class free
  1. B-Force Fitness

B-Force is giving a whole new meaning to resistance band training with their ultimate 30-minute HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training). It’s a low impact workout to deliver the best results. You will use resistance for planks, jumping jacks, leg lifts, mountain climbers, burpees, ball slams, and plyometric variations of squats and lunges. Your legs are hooked into the bands connected to the wall, so the intensity depends on your level of determination. No heavy weights needed to get you toned.

  • Where: B-Force Fitness
  • When: 6am-7pm classes
  • Cost: First class free