Located in the ever-growing and now booming City of Doral, RZone is a breath of fresh air. It’s squeaky clean, brand new, and fresh out of the package, making it the third RZone location after Coral Gables and Pinecrest, with West Kendall coming soon.

“We chose Doral because we felt there was a need for an all women’s fitness studio,” said RZone Manager, Humberto Fernandez Moran. “Women should have a place to work out where they are at ease and feel comfortable.”

The idea behind an all-female gym is to build a space where women can feel a sense of camaraderie. You’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded women and most often, coached by a like-minded woman as well.

“Our studio was designed with women in mind and with the best and latest equipment for their use,” says Fernandez Moran.

With treadmills, Cybex Arc Trainers, Airdyne Bikes and WaterRowers, every day that you show up to sweat you’re doing tried and true, full bodywork. Your workout is also heart rate monitored. This makes it so that you’re not looking to outdo anyone but yourself. You can see how hard you’re pushing and self assess if you can give a little more. If you find you have more to give, chances are the coaches won’t let you get away with just coasting.

In addition to your coach, giant monitors on either side of the studio are replaying the step by step motions of the workout so that you have a model to constantly follow. Throw in the jams blasting over the speakers and consider yourself lost in the zone. You’ll find yourself working hard at RZone, and yet, you’re just going with the flow of things.