The City of Miami Beach has announced that the six-week renovation of Muscle Beach, located at 9th and Ocean Drive, is set to reopen, Saturday, March 3, 2018, with a ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled for 10am.

“MyEquilibria designs and manufacturers all of our own equipment,” explained Raquel Rodriguez, Co-Founder of MyEquilibria. “The prior Muscle Beach South Beach had a fairly small, but relatively complete outdoor gym consisting of basic bars. Our equipment is based on free body weight training.”

The biggest upgrade comes in the form of MyEquilibria’s iconic “Tree,” an artistic rising 21-foot tall functional training system. When installed, the “Tree” is functional with a rings station, parallel bars, pull-up bar and elevated hooks for TRX and overhead resistance bands.

Surrounding the aesthetically pleasing training “Tree,” will be 11 fitness accessory stations, some of which includes a twisting stability board, various handles, grips and bars, and a “wellness stone,” with low hooks for resistance bands and a low bar for triceps dips or incline push-ups. The stone is specifically curved and engineered to facilitate stretching, yoga, tai-chi and TacFit.

“The designer of MyEquilibria’s “Tree,” Vito di Bari, and MyEquilibria Founder and CEO, Gian Luca Innocenzi, were both in touch with the Former Mayor Beach, Philip Levine, during the research and development stages,” said Rodriguez. “Mayor Levine was very supportive of the project, as was commissioner Ricky Arriola, and Parks & Recreation Director, John Rebar, who were all instrumental in pushing this project along.”

The “MyBeast” section is a 30-foot long monkey bars, specifically designed for adults and athletes. Connected are 12 fitness stages which includes various handles, grips and bars for anything you can dream up, and a punching bag, stored in a lockable storage box overnight.

“The sculptural elements are made from HPC (High Performance Concrete) and Ultra HPC,” said Rodriguez. “HPC is a mixture of reinforced concrete with granite or marble. Except for the newest line Calisthenics Pro, all of our equipment has the latest in international safety certifications specifically for outdoor fitness equipment.”

The Calisthenics Pro makes up a separate area designed to replace the most popular equipment on the previous Muscle Beach design. A flag pole, converging parallel bars and tri-level pull-up bars, all freshly installed with the heights and diameters of the old equipment, but reinforced, painted and finished to prevent corrosion from the salt air and beach conditions.

You can watch all of the action unfold on the Muscle Beach South Beach Instagram: