In the past two months, all of us have been reevaluating our home gym situations. Through a matter of necessity, we completed bodyweight workouts, resistance band workouts, and, if we were lucky, even got to incorporate some weighted workouts. Although there are a lot of things we miss about our normal workout routines and locations, you have to admit that home gyms do have some perks.

Here are the biggest pros to working out at your home gym versus your favorite gym…. and here are the cons, which may just outweigh the pros.


1. Wear what you want.

No need for matching sets or the latest athleisure. Sneakers are optional. Heck, you can workout naked if you really want!

2. Do what you want.

Not feeling burpees today? Do something else. And go ahead, skip the last rep if you want!

3. Lots of variety.

Your home gym can be a HIIT studio one day and a Pilates studio the next – the options are endless!

4. Easily fits your schedule.

No commuting time means you can switch from working to working out in minutes. No need to worry if a 7 am workout is perfect for your schedule but your gym only has classes at 6:30 am or 8 am. Only have time for a 10-minute workout? The home gym is perfect.

5. Save money.

Your home gym would never charge you a $30 drop-in rate! Of course, how much you are saving depends on the virtual classes you are attending or the equipment that you recently purchased but your home gym is an investment.


1. Too much flexibility.

It’s great that you can technically work out whenever you want, but that might just mean that you workout tomorrow instead… or the next day. There is no cancellation fee at your home gym so skipping a workout is just too easy.

2. No accountability.

Sometimes you need someone yelling at you to do the harder workouts or watching you do that last rep. It can be hard to really challenge yourself.

3. Limited space and equipment.

Not only are you confined to your home, but you may also be stuck using your tiny balcony or a section of your living room. In addition, your equipment pales in comparison to the latest, top-of-the-line machines at your favorite gym. This is especially true if you only have a couple of resistance bands to work with, but you will always have a more limited selection at home.

4. Missing support from friends.

It’s just you at your home gym, meaning there is no social element or competition. The motivation you get from your friend working out next to you is a gamechanger.

5. Distractions.

Your home gym is also your restaurant, office, movie theater, and childcare, among everything else. At your favorite gym, it’s gym vibes only, giving you the ability to focus on nothing else while you workout.

Overall, home gyms have nothing on the community, experience, and motivation that our favorite gyms provide. While we are not advocating going back to your favorite gym or studio before you feel safe, as things continue to get better, and as you are allowed to go back, keep this list in mind!