At STAY FIT 305, it’s no secret we love getting our sweat on, but let’s be real – we sweat so we can eat. In Miami, we’re blessed with an array of mouth watering options, from croquetas at Sergios to fried chicken at Yard Bird, it’s easy to indulge for cheat meals on the weekends, but when it come to grabbing a quick, healthy lunch, you should always have a solid list of go-tos around town to keep your body feeling and looking good all summer long.

We created this list of healthy eats that have multiple locations so you truly have no excuses. Here are our recommendations:

  1. DIRT – with the tagline “Eat Clean” and a couple locations throughout Miami, DIRT rises to the top of our go-tos. From protein and veggie packed salads and bowls to deliciously topped toasts and flavorful wraps, their menu is diverse and unique. What’s more? They have a menu key that designates which options are vegan, paleo, gluten free, seasonal and spicy, so truly, if you can’t find something here, you’re just too picky of an eater to be going out anyway. DIRT changes their menu seasonally, but my go to is the steak bowl when I have a hankering for a cheesesteak.
  2. Jimmy’z Kitchen – Salads have a bad rap – let’s just admit it. But once you find a really good salad, you can’t help but go back again and again and talk about it like it’s a crush, because not only does it taste good, but you feel good after you eat it. How’s that for hype!? Jimmy’z Kitchen is a solid salad spot! They are sure to impress with their diverse flavor portfolios, with ample amounts of freshly grilled protein on top. My go to is the Jamaican Jerked Salad for when I want a filling salad with a kick. Jimmy’z Kitchen has three locations in Brickell, Wynwood, South Beach.
  3. GreenLife Organic Bistro – The name alone says it all! GreenLife built its menu by using ingredients free of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, hormones, and anything that doesn’t belong in our food much less in our bodies. 90% of GreenLife’s ingredients are organic, seasonal or locally sourced. Proteins are all natural, antibiotic free, hormone free. From acai and pitaya bowls to vegan soups and protein bowls, GreenLife has an expansive menu that’ll speak healthy to you. They have locations in Brickell, South Beach and Coral Gables.
  4. Raw Juce – Sometimes we’re on the go and just need to grab something we know will fill us up without sacrificing nutritional value. This is where the juicing trend comes in handy. Not only does juicing have health benefits like bone health and immune support, but it’s an easy way to pack in nutrients in a quick, drinkable form. Raw Juce offers fresh, diverse, organic, cold-pressed juices, both pre-packaged and made to order in stores. They have locations in Brickell, Coral Gables, Boca Raton, South Beach, Weston, Palm Beach and Miami.
  5. Dr. Smood – “Smart Food for a Good Mood.” What else need we say? Dr. Smood will get you filled up on coffee, juice and nutritious lunch options. Pop by and grab something pre-made out of the fridge or get a table and something made to order. You choose your juice or meal based on your mood – power, beauty, immunity, detox, energy and health. Options include eggplant jerky, wild caught salmon panini, espresso brownie bites and more. They have locations in Brickell, South Miami, Sunset Harbour, Aventura and Wynwood.