Hey Fins Fans, want to know how the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders stay fit all year long? Katie Ann Martinez did us a solid by putting together this work-out that you can do, that helps keep her ready for her Game Day duties as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.

This particular workout includes cheer/sideline practice, as well as full-body based exercises. Since our time on the field requires the maintenance of stamina and endurance throughout a four-hour game, I incorporated our sideline cheers into our overall workout in order to get the maximum results. Not only are we practicing our dances, we are exercising our memory, we are testing our endurance in the way it will be challenged on game day, and we are making our “workout time” fun and team-oriented!

Workout Format:

  • Warm-up
  • Eight stations
  • One minute spent at each station – transition as quickly as possible (no more than 30 seconds)
  • Total – three rounds of completing all eight stations

Example Body-Weight Exercises:

On every other station we’re usually calling sidelines, but for the purposes of a workout for you guys, any cardio based exercise works here:

  • Station 1: Pop jacks
  • Station 2: Jumping Jacks
  • Station 3: Walk-out to 2 plank jacks
  • Station 4: Jump Squats
  • Station 5: Sit-ups to alternating punches
  • Station 6: Box Jumps
  • Station 7: Reverse Lunges
  • Station 8: Ski Hops

Example Resistance-Training Exercises:

This resistance training workout uses a loop band.

  • Station 1: Squat jacks– band around the ankles
  • Station 2: Jumping Jacks
  • Station 3: Lateral Step-outs– band around the ankles
  • Station 4: Plank Jacks
  • Station 5: Arm Step-outs (Push-up position)– band around the wrists
  • Station 6: Step-Ups
  • Station 7: Glute Bridges to Abduction– band above the knees
  • Station 8: Pop Jacks

Workout Extras:

  • My odd number stations will differ – sometimes they’ll be solely body-weight – sometimes they’ll be solely resistance training – sometimes I will combine them.
  • I do not always incorporate sideline cheers – sometimes every station will consist of exercises for whatever muscle group I aim to focus on for that day (examples: upper body, lower body, core work/stability, full-body, etc.)


  • After our workout, we smoothly transition to our stretching time. Due to our bodies being warm and appropriately challenged, this gives us the ability to get the most out of our flexibility. It also helps our muscles recover and prepare for the rest of practice.