If you’ve ever wished you could combine any of your favorite group fitness classes for a little more variety or cross-training, SPENGA Boca Raton is for you. The studio celebrated their grand opening on Saturday, August 17 and the new location is the franchise’s first in South Florida.

The name SPENGA tells you all you need to know about the workout – it is a blend of the words spin, strength, and yoga, encompassing the three modalities that you will experience in just one 60-minute class. 

SPENGA Boca Raton

Start with cardio on the bike, and follow it with a strength-based workout, before finishing with yoga stretching. This concept is designed to improve endurance, strength, and flexibility training in every session. 

The spin portion using a SPENGA specific metric, the “Sweet Spot,” helps participants track their progress and maximize their caloric burn. The Sweet Spot is a combination of how fast you are pedaling and how much resistance you add, creating power zone ranges that are unique for each rider. Bring your own spin shoes if you prefer them, otherwise, you can use the cages on the pedal with your sneakers.

SPENGA Boca Raton

For the strength training section, each participant has a personal space with their own equipment to use depending on the day, including a bench, free weights and kettlebells of various sizes, TRX bands, and a variety of slam balls. After the instructor demonstrates, a screen counts down the time for each interval.

The final third of the class is yoga and the mats are provided. Wind down with dimmed lights and gentle music to round out your workout. Combined, the well-balanced workouts make the time fly.

SPENGA Boca Raton

“A 60-minute SPENGA workout is unlike any other because it puts equal focus on cardio, strength, and flexibility,” said SPENGA Boca Raton Lead Instructor Bernice Spiller. “Get ready for the best workout ever!”

SPENGA’s amenities include lockers and showers. They also offer babysitting in a special kid’s room during peak morning and afternoon class times. 

Membership and package options are available online.

SPENGA is located at 5030 Champion Blvd, Suite F2, in Boca Raton. Follow them on Instagram @spengabocaraton.