UNKNWN, the Miami-based retail destination and culture creator within the worlds of art, fashion, sports, and music, has announced the opening of UNKNWN WYNWOOD in December 2019.

Co-founded by LeBron James, Jaron Kanfer, and Frankie Walker Jr., the company was built with the objective to reinvent shopping by connecting brands to consumers through experiences and curated products. 

Opening its first store in 2011, UNKNWN offers an authentic assortment of covetable sneakers, collectible items, contemporary ready-to-wear, and designer apparel. 

Now, the 10,000 square foot space set to open during Art Basel, will become UNKNWN’s official flagship retail location.

Located across from the Wynwood Walls, UNKWN WYNWOOD will be an experiential venue for sporting and lifestyle events for the Miami community and global travelers, in addition to offering the lifestyle and wardrobe of the co-founders.

UNKNWN WYNWOOD will also feature an indoor built-in photo studio, custom photography equipment, and prop house.