Believe it or not, the simple act of jumping rope for five minutes can do more for your overall health than running a 5K, taking a 45-minute spin class, or even jogging five days a week. Jumping rope improves bone density, breathing efficiency, mental sharpness. and decreases ankle and foot injuries. Learn how to use the jump rope effectively from Body Battle IGNITE creator – Lee Jimenez – in your daily workout routine.

1). Simplify Your Jump

Start with your shoulders down and relaxed, elbows close to your ribcage – not away, and your feet together like a pencil activating your core. Lift your heels as you bounce only off the first three inches of the front of your foot, keeping in mind the rope is only a few millimeters thick, so there is no need for big exhaustive jumps. 

2). Add Speed to Your Jump interva

Now that you have your basic jump and you are ready for more, progress your 60 second jump rope with more jumps. Increase your speed with this three-round set:

  • Round 1: Count how many successful jumps you can do within one minute
  • Round 2: Shoot for more than round one
  • Round 3: Beat the number of jumps from your best round.

Eventually, your wrists will get stronger and faster as your endurance increases.

3). Improve Your Footwork

You have mastered your jump, and you feel good about your speed and tempo, now let’s add some steps to really get your heart-rate and aerobic threshold up. Adding footwork to your existing jump adds variety to your workout, defines the inner thighs, calves, quads, and core more than stationary jumping. Some examples footwork variations you can try include – scissor your legs, run, jump-jack, or high-knees through the rope

4). Work Those Arms

You got your jump rope technique, added speed, and mastered your footwork. Now, the versatility of your jump rope allows for so many combinations for your upper body. Try the Criss-Cross Jump – Imagine hugging yourself where the opposite hand cups the opposite elbow. Rather than hugging your chest, hug lower towards your oblique’s, creating an X shape with your arms. Quickly open your arms as you pass through the rope and repeat.

Now It’s Time to Be Patient

Putting in the work and time to master jump rope doesn’t happen over night. Use the intervals of 30 to 90 seconds to improve your endurance and jump rope tempo. Overtime with consistent practice will help you will master all the jump rope tricks as you condition your body with this full body workout.