Armando Codina and Ana-Marie Codina Barlick, developers of Downtown Doral, are bringing a little bit of Wynwood west with The Doral Yard—a new community gathering concept created by Della Heiman and Ken Lyon of Yard Hospitality, and Joseph Furst of the Wynwood Business Improvement District and formerly with Goldman Properties. The Doral Yard at Downtown Doral is scheduled to open in Spring 2019.

*Della Heiman: The Visionary Behind Miami’s Culinary Incubator, The Wynwood Yard*

“As landlord and property manager we, at Codina Partners, understand the value of placemaking and attracting partners known for providing an elevated customer experience,” said Ana-Marie Codina Barlick, CEO of Codina Partners. “For Downtown Doral, we were missing a retail concept that bridged food, working, and art all in one place, and The Doral Yard will be it.”

Doral Yard

The Doral Yard at Downtown Doral will be a 20,000-square-foot space divided into three zones: The Hub, CHARCOAL garden bar + grill, and The Backyard.

“We look forward to making our mark on the Doral community with a food, culture, and round-the-clock activities at The Doral Yard,” said Heiman. “True to our Wynwood Yard traditions, we will host about ten free events each week when we open The Doral Yard.”

At 5,000 square feet, The Hub will house an indoor micro food hall with a co-working café and three local food concepts, including a della bowls. A full-service bar will serve cocktails, beer, wine, coffee, juices and more. The space will also be available for large meetings, events, workshops, classes and gatherings.

“Creating compelling communities requires differentiated content and offerings,” added Furst. “I believe our team will deliver one of the most exciting food, beverage and entertainment venues in Miami-Dade County. The Codinas’ work in Downtown Doral is nothing short of extraordinary, and I am excited to play a role in its growth.”

Doral Yard

Housed in a group of refurbished shipping containers is CHARCOAL garden bar + grill, the full-service restaurant that originally launched at The Wynwood Yard and offers a selection of responsibly-sourced meats and vegetables grilled over a charcoal-fired Spanish Josper grill. CHARCOAL garden bar + grill specializes in hormone- and antibiotic-free pastured chickens, Berkshire hogs, and grass-fed lamb and beef from small family Florida farms.

The Backyard is a 5,000-square foot, partially-covered, outdoor entertainment and culinary area adorned with trees and greenery at all sides to create a living stadium. This will be the space for families, residents and visitors to sit, dance, and enjoy live music and other cultural performances.

“Aside from creating a space that makes everyone feel welcome, this project will be completely new and different than any of the projects we’ve worked on before,” said Lyon. “With The Doral Yard, we crafted a concept that not only reflects and complements the Doral community, but also will help the community thrive. This will be an elevated experience, specifically created for the Doral market.”

The Doral Yard will be located at the northeast corner of Main Street and Paseo Boulevard in Downtown Doral. Architect Eduardo Pardo-Fernandez designed The Doral Yard. CHARCOAL garden bar + grill will feature a modified shipping container design by Little River Box Company.

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